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Hubble's Var 1 in the Andromeda Galaxy, Messier 31


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The star marked in the image is what Hubble called ""Var 1", It is a Cepheid variable and more often called "M31 V0619" these days. It is of great historical importance because its Cepheid nature was recognized by Hubble; its brightness (around V=19) and period (about one month) told him instantly that it must lie far beyond the boundaries of the Milky Way and that M31 must be a galaxy in its own right, comparable in size to our own.


It lies in a glorious part of the galaxy and this image alone contains several examples of almost everything of interest to the amateur: variable stars, red and blue supergiant stars, open clusters, globular clusters, emission nebulae, dark nebulae and planetary nebulae. About the only things missing are double stars.

21 minutes unfiltered with a SX694 attached to a 0.4m Dilworth at Tacande observatory.

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For instance, here is a globular cluster named B020-G089.  It is comparable to, say, M13 in size and luminosity but shines at magnitude 17.55 because of its much greater distance. M13, on the other hand, has a magnitude of 5.78.  Note that it is noticeably bigger and fuzzier than the neighbouring stars, despite the seeing-limited conditions under which this image was taken.




Above the GC is an emission nebula rather similar to M42 in Orion.

Something for everyone!

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