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4 April


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Bit happier with my second attempt with compact digital. Magnification 200x with 5mm lanthanum EP

Main craters in centre are (top to bottom) Theophilus, Cyrillus and Catharina.

Apollo 16 landing site above and to the right of Theophilus in terminator shadow


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Thanks James

I'm mainly a visual rather than an imaging observer. All the great images posted on the SGL site - including yours! - spurred me on to have a go with my tiny digital camera.

Question for you - all the images I've tried are single shot - not stacked - can you get software to stack JPG's?.

I think you can for RAW files (and of course web cam AVI files). I could probably manage to take 20 or 30 JPG's with the same registration - would this help the final image?

At the moment I can't translate the quality of the view at the EP into a similar quality image in the camera - but then I'm still experimenting.



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