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Jupiters 5 moons


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Hello all. Just had a nice half hour with Jupiter using my  Stellarvue 102 frac with a SvBony 10 - 30 zoom and 4mm Nirvana ep.  Sky still quite light i'd say.   Jupe has 5 moons ATM.  According to Starry Night Pro app, 

Star   HD 211674 is masquerading as moon 5, not Maroon 5 !!  Bit of fun to see this for sure.  Getting some banding on Jupiter in the better viewing moments. 


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9 hours ago, Telescope40 said:

Sorry guys.  First decent session I’ve had this year. Slim pickings for sure. 
O hum. 

I happened to be out at the same time observing the same thing. I had the same situation happen to a friend who has recently taken up astronomy. Took me a while to explain what he was looking at. Thankfully he now has a phone app.

Last time I had a masquerading star it was more confusing as one of the real moons was missing as it was eclipsing another. At least we got out after weeks of bad weather.


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