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HEQ5 not talking to laptop


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Hi Guys,

Set the scope up last night and hooked it up to the laptop (I find mosaic's easier using the up/down/left/right control in phd than the handset) to find that there is a Driver problem connecting to the mount.

Anyway, restarted the Laptop - no change.

Reinstalled ASCOM platform - no change.

Reinstalled CELESTRON drivers - no change.

I get exactly the same message if I remove the lead completely.

I use the pulse guide method (using the lead that came with the mount) - using the handset and have had nothing to do with EQmod.

I have a gut feeling that the lead is faulty - but no real knowlege to back that up.

Anyone have any ideas, can these leads e bought on the high street as it's due to e clear tonight and I would like to have a bash at the comet!

Any help much appreciated.



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There are 2 ways to test the lead:

1. Using a continuity tester, check that pins 2 & 5 of the RJ11 are connected to pins 2 & 3 of the DB9 respectively

2. Connect the DB9 to the laptop, run up Hyperterminal and set it to Direct Connection to Comm x (the comm port you are using), with a piece of wire connect pins 2 & 5 of the RJ11 together, then with your other hand(!) type something at the keyboard and it should be echoed back to the laptop.



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Nice one Steve, now I know that the lead is knackered...

Pin 2 was connected to Pin2 OK, but Pin 5 wasn't connected to anything...

Now where can I get a new lead from - are they availale over the counter. It's going to be clear tonight :lol:



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OK been to see roger - nice to see you again mate.

He kindly gave me a spare lead that he had that doesn't use! Your a gent Roger!!!

Still no difference - won't connect :lol:

So I decided to take the handset off bring it indoors to upgrade the firmware.

As the handset was connected to the PC I thought that I'd try it again. Clicked on PHD and connected to handset - worked perfectly????

What on earth is going on? Please tell me there isn't anything wrong with the mount...?


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