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  1. Really good write up Marci. looking forward to seeing how this progresses
  2. Thanks for the comments. Yeah I need to get a mask but in the mean time, I'm going try and use the function in APT next time out and see how that works out
  3. Well it's been awhile since I posted on here, and even longer since I been out with my scope, but as I was finally off work and the skies were clear, I thought I'd try my luck at some lunar photography. The equipment I used are: Skywatcher 200 Dobsonian & Canon 1200D at prime focus. I only took a few full view images as I was struggling to get focus for some reason but I finally cracked it. Can't seem to get perfect focus though.
  4. There's also Kicad. It's totally free and you can have any board size. Even has 3d viewer. Takes some getting used to but there is plenty of support out there for it
  5. I've been looking into this very same thing over the past few days so I'll be watching your progress very closely. Where did you get the black backdrop from? Andy
  6. Beautiful work there Dave. That plate looks the business.Do you have any more progress on it?
  7. That looks amazing Mark. Loving the display layout.
  8. Thought I'd post a pic of Dobbie. It's the trusty SW 200P but nodded with flocking, lazy Susan bearing, roller bearings on altitude, Gemrad angle finder on azimuth and a wixey for the altitude. Not had it out in months due to weather and working nights unfortunately.
  9. I don't see why not. They are bit pricy though. Think I only paid a couple of quid for a pack of 10 from China
  10. Welcome aboard Daz From another Stokie born, now living in York Andy
  11. I just finished off flocking my 8" Dobbie yesterday. Although the bottom half of the tube didn't go as well as the top half did ( probably because I was rushing it) it is extremely black. I posted some pics of my progress in the DIY section. I also purchased mine from my local Wilcos Andy
  12. Thanks for the warning guys. The misses will be so happy to hear that lol
  13. So I decided to bite the bullet and purchase my very first ever camera. Budget was the main issue so I decided with the Canon 1200D. I'm totally new to all this so I've got a lot to learn, but I know you guys & gals will be able to help with any issues I come across. Just need to get an adaptor now so I can connect to my scope. Oh and some clear skies of course.
  14. weareborg


    Welcome aboard Kelly Andy
  15. weareborg


    Welcome aboard Jon. Plenty of helpful advice from guys & gals here Andy
  16. Very nice. Well done. Could do with something like that myself Andy
  17. Thanks guys. Yeah I wasn't expecting such a big improvement. Really impressed with it. Just need to finish it off tomorrow Andy
  18. Received my samples yesterday. I thought I had requested the wrong parts as I only received the IC and magnet ​ . It wasn't until I looked at the emails you sent me and your photos again, that I realised the rest are parts made or purchased yourself.
  19. Well I finally managed to start flocking my SW 200 Dobbie. Below are pics of my progress so far. As you can see the tube isn't very black at all. In fact its more grey than black. The velour is a lovely deep black even though in the first few pics you can't really tell because of the flash from the camera. The last couple of pics were taken with the flash off and you can certainly tell the difference now. Only had time to do the top half of the tube so far but will do the rest at the weekend whilst I'm off work. Hopefully the weather will get better too but I'm not holding my breath.
  20. Thanks for info GigiG. I've just ordered some samples. I already have David Ek's DSC interface that I built some years ago on breadboard, but never got it finished as I couldn't afford the US Digital Encoders at the time. No I've got a Dobsonian telescope again, I'm going to try and finish it off. Need to redo the board I think though as I no longer have a serial port on my laptap so will have to look at the bluetooth option Andy
  21. I'm looking at the website now. When I click on 'Order sample' does that actually order the encoder and magnets or are they separate? Andy
  22. Nice couple of videos. They seem the business. Where did you purchase them from?
  23. Welcome aboard. Great people here on this forum. Great images. Can't wait to see more Andy
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