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New website! Urban Astrophotography: OSC imaging from a city

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Hi SGL-ers,

I've been wanting to learn how to make a website using WordPress for a while, but needed a good idea for what it should be about. I settled on my astrophotography, figuring that making the website would be more fun if it's about something I'm interested in! In particular, I opted for the niche of OSC imaging from a city, because that's what I do, and the content may actually be of some interest to other folks out there. 


It took a while to build because I was learning from scratch, but it was a good use of Summer's lighter evenings! I hope that some people will find it useful. My aim is to update it with some new content every month or so.


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2 hours ago, rwilkey said:

Hi Lee, impressive!


1 hour ago, MARS1960 said:

Looks good Lee. 

Added to my bookmarks bar :).


1 hour ago, Andy R said:

Good job, added to my favourites.

Thanks all, good to know I've got at least three views..!


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3 hours ago, fozzybear said:

Lee, Well done there a great site with lots of info


Thanks Andy, I've got a few ideas for new articles too -- just need the time to write them up!

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18 hours ago, barbulo said:

Good job Lee. Great source of knowledge for rookies like me. Thanks!

Happy to hear that  :) 

Feel free to suggest content that you'd find useful and maybe I can add it to the list!

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