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Peashooter : treasures of the north east .

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Stunning night , so crystal clear . "Hothands " foot and hand warmers kept the warmth as it dipped to minus 4.1. They were still hot a 6am.

However the excitement of the north east views kept me buzzing at the f11 old school Vixen 90. A WO prism diagonal gave both correct views , but helical focusing adjustment. A great feeling of how it must have been ,when this was the largest accessible frac !

Arcturus climbed and soon that magic row to Vega appeared with Hercules and Corona Borealis starring .

Treasures of the north east included some deep sky small aperture sights. M92 followed M13 and again in Hercules I managed the "white pea" planetary nebula (IC 4593)which blinked in and out of sight. Got the small glow of the "Cat's eye" NGC 6543 in Draco and Lyra's M57 glow.

epsilon Lyrae ( "double double") opened out with a 13mm Nagler , x77 not too bad for this scope , making out both splits and their orientation. 


ξ Bootis (Xi) ( SAO 101250) délicate at x77.

ι Bootis (Ascellus secundus) (SAO 29071) a delicate ghost .

Muphrid (η), see drawing from night before.

Alkalurops((μ) a magical view of this astounding triple.


1 Bootis (SAO 82942) a 4.5"  caught with a 5.5mm uwa. Lovely contrast.



κ Herculis (Marsic) SAO 101951

ρ Herculis (rho) I could only think "glamorous "!

95 Herculis (SAO 85648) beautiful brilliant.

100 Herculis at x125(SAO 85753) , just a pair of cat's eyes.

δ Herculis (Sarin) (SAO 84951)just intermittent speck of a companion almost hidden in the primary.

ΟΣ 341, (SAO 85723)just an entanglement of stars.

SAO 85678  , the asterism of "Webb's wreath" didn't do much at this aperture.


Corona Borealis.

Σ1932 (SAO 83756)gave an astounding clean 1.6" split. Seeing had really settled after midnight.



Not only did 90mm cope , but exceeded in showing brilliant colours. First sample was Cor Caroli. Followed by Izar (orange and blue), delta Bootis (orange and blue).

A simply awesome session probing the north east with a pea shooter ! Caught Σ 1964 in company with Zeta and a lovely sigma CrB. Kind of night you need at a star party !

Careful now , clear skies ! Nick.



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Great report, Nick. Every time I read one of your reports I’m reminded of great targets to go for. The ‘White Pea’ is the example from this report. Thanks for posting!

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Brilliant Nick I have just copied these to try in my Tal what a great session lovely read. What is "Webbs Wreath" that's a new one on me. Thanks' for posting 

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As always Nick a superb report and well documented session.

I got out myself for 3 hours on Saturday and enjoyed a bit of unplanned star hopping zipping From one side of the sky to the other picking out some old friends. 

Hope you are keeping well and good to read a report from you. Sadly I didn't make any notes of my session . 

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