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Can you help solve this mystery, please? Star Sense camera will not hold calibration with OTA after mount is rebooted.

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Can you help me solve this mystery, please?

I have a 2020 Celestron 8" Edge Evolution Ltd Edition 60 Anniversary model. The OTA is carbon fibre and some of the artwork is different but for in tents & purposes it's a standard 8" Edge Evolution

The Problem

The problem is, when the mount is switched off. the telescope will not maintain its calibration between Star Sense (SS) camera and the OTA. Please not I am not talking a SS alignment here - I'm talking about the calibration between the SS camera and OTA. 

This is what happens - I will do a SS Auto Alignment and the goto will be out by some margin IE. way outside of a 25mm eyepiece. So, I then calibrate the SS camera to the OTA, re-align, and everything is working perfectly. The goto is more or less in the middle of a 12mm eyepiece. Next time I reboot the mount, I do my SS Auto alignment and the goto is way off again  and I have re calibrate the SS camera to the OTA. Once I do that, everything works fine again. And so the cycle continues.  

Have you experienced this problem yourself or do you have an idea of what may be happening? Before you offer your suggestions, please read this list as what I have done to try and solve this issue:

1. The tripod and OTA are absolutely level before booting up the mount. 

2. Once I have booted up the mount, I enter time and my location, using GPS co-ordinates. I am extremely precise about this and am entering the correct time (and daylight saving as needed) to within 2 seconds. The GPS co-ordinates of my location as absolutely spot on as well - they are the same co-ordinates I use for all my telescopes and they are working perfectly. So this is defs not a time, date or location issue. 

3. The SS camera is mounted perfectly It does not move at all. I have the calibration problem even after rebooting without moving the telescope's position at all. 

4. I have even tried a new SS camera and handset. Exactly the same issue persists. 

5. The handcontroller, mount and camera have all the latest updates. 

6. The battery is working fine and holding it's charge perfectly.  

As I mentioned earlier, once the SS camera is re calibrated, everything works fine and the goto is accurate. The problem only arises after rebooting the mount. 

Any ideas, suggestions or sharing of similar experiences gladly welcomed, thank you. 


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Hi Siouxie.

Reading your point 3, I'm not sure this applies to you, but there's definitely a problem if the camera is removed and replaced each session.

Both the mounting bracket and camera bracket are tapered by 5mm, and the bracket has two triangular recesses into which the mounting bolts on the camera fit into. This leaves lots of "play", and depending on the order, and how you tighten the two bolts, there can be upto a degree of difference in the axes each time. I measured this by fastening a laser measure on the camera and marking the locations on a flat surface at the other side of the room then using a bit of trig.  It's hard to get the exact same alignment consistently each time you put the camera on. It's not just a lateral difference but vertical too, which I think comes from the bolts engaging with the recesses in the mount bracket.

I think the only practical options I can think of are to either do the added faff with the calibration each time, or leave the camera permanently mounted - which leaves it quite vulnerable.



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I have to do a 2 star or 3 star alignment every time I start the mount up (EQ5 pro)  the first star is always some way off I dont think they can keep the calibration after switching off.

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      I am new to using a telescope but am an avid manual reader and usually a fairly quick study.     I have bought a pre-loved Celestron Nexstar Evolution 9.25 {originally purchased in Sydney Australia in 2014} and am struggling to do the 2 star alignment.   I have reset the scope to Factory Settings and have added my location, correct time, STD or DLS time; time zone etc.     I take the scope out and level it, align the marks on the base of the motor and on the arm that holds the scope.   I point the scope whilst still levelled and marks aligned North.     I try to align to Sirius and the scope points to my feet.    I have tried following the steps but nothing is working.   
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      I’ve been using my 8’ Edge HD on an Evolution mount for a couple of years now and I added a wedge to it a few months back. Using SkyPortal with StarSense I’ve never really had any major issues getting it aligned. 
      Last night I was setting up to photograph Mars and went through my normal procedure. StarSense took its images but, after confirming success with the third plate, instead of just winding up a bit and parking it proceeded to pitch the ota towards the north well below the horizon.
      Fortunately nothing snagged. I skipped the ASPA and instructed it to goto Mars and was surprised to find it was spot on (better than usual actually).
      Anyone any ideas why it took that nose dive? Thanks.

    • By StarGazingSiouxsie
      Now, I know that Cubble likes to keep fit. I try to keep all of my telescopes healthy and feed them only the best planets and DSOs. 
      But - why is that Cubble just LOVES to go all around the houses on some of his GOTOs?! Talk about taking the long way home!!!  I could have sworn that I had 'Cordwrap' set to 'Off'............. 
      I have set Cubs up with a totally cordfree / wire free system and therefore find this going 340 degrees around to an object that is 10 degrees away incredibly annoying and time wasting.  
      Well, I think I may have found the answer today. Some of you may already know this but for those that don't, I hope it helps relieve some of your frustration. 
      What I disovered is that the Star Sense hand controller resets the Cordwrap setting (MENU>>>TELESCOPE>>>CORDWRAP) back to 'ON' each time a new alignment is completed. So, one can spend time seemingly making sure that it is set to 'OFF' (if that's the setting you want, of course) only to find that once you have completed an alignment, the hand controller defaults the Cordwrap setting back to 'ON'.
      So, if you don't want or need Cordwrap set to 'ON', make sure you change the setting after completing each new alignment.
    • By StarGazingSiouxsie
      I have a couple of StarSense related questions please. 
      1. So this would be a new calibration point between the camera & OTA, not a new or additional alignement reference. 
       The reason I ask is because I'm wondering if doing a new calibration now and again might sharpen or help the accuracy of the GOTOs?? I'm not sure how accurate my initial calibration was, but in any case I'm the type who likes to continually make my set ups are as sharp as they can be. 
      Regardless of why I want to do it, If it were possible, then maybe I could go to the StarSense menu and follow the calibration proceedure that I did when I initially calibrated the camera / OTA (the one you have to do when you first use SS and then another Auto Align is required after) ??
      2.  I added a load of additional alignment points. If I wanted to scrub those (because StarSense stores them - right??) and add new / updated ones is there a way of clearing out the stored additional alignment reference points? 
      Any help, insights, tips, advice or ideas all very gratefully received, thank you.   
    • By StarGazingSiouxsie
      I am really worried that I may have broken my new telescope.  
      It said it was going to be 100% clear tonight, so I prepped Celeste Bubble, my new 8" Celestron Evolution, and took her outside for her first light. 
      Within an hour it was 100% cloud  cover 
      Within that hour, mutiple attempts at aligning my scope failed. I was using a smart phone and the SkyPortal app with Star Sense. I had the Star Sense HC completely unplugged, btw. A few people advised me to do that to try and help ensure it wouldn't affect m using the Sky Portal app. I am not so worried about the alignment failing. 
      What I am worried about is that during one of my failed alignments, the scope ended up trying to plate solve my house. So, being the lazy cow that I am, rather than pick up the telescope and move it to face clear sky, I simply loosened the azimuth clutch and spun it around 180 degrees.
      After I did that, the scope would not track anymore. I could hear the motors turning (or doing something) but whatever I had in my eyepiece was moving out of view. It was tracking OK before this - I manually (clutches) aligned to Jupiter so as to at least see something and it was tracking Jupiter fine. 
      I checked the scope settings on my phone and it was set to track Sidereal, it hadn't been switched off by accident.
      I tried another alignment which failed and that's when I spun the mount around 180 using the azimuth clutch.
      Do You think I have broken something? Have you heard of this before? Is there some sort of reset or something I can do? 
      What a disaster of an evening.
      Thanks for any help or advice you can give me
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