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Walking on the Moon

complete beginner with a query


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Hello - I've always been interested in astronomy but, what with an NHS job (sob!) and lots of kids, I haven't been able to justify spending money on a telescope - so astronomy for me has been books and photos from Hubble.... However, with my 40th b'day rapidlyapproachingmy (tolerant/patient) wife has set me a budget of £450 to by a 'scope. Time at last to get cold and wait for a gap in the clouds...I'm really keen on looking at planets - but what really interests me is looking atdistantobjects -galaxies,clustersetc. So I'm guessing that a reflector rather than a refractor, and I'm also advised that size really does matter. Taking all into consideration I've come to a telescope called Skywatcher flexitube dobsonian. It has a 10 inch mirror and comes with a couple of eyepieces (I think they're 10 and 25 mm - but I'll have to check).So - does anyone have experience of this kind of telescope? It it a good buy? will I need to buy other eyepieces and equipment? Any drawbacks?The other option is a smaller Newtonian on a tripod-type stand.Any suggestions gratefullyreceived.many thanksdom

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Hi Dom welcome to SGL.

If you are only interested in visual observation not imaging then a 10" reflector is just what you need. The Skywatcher reflectors are well made, I have used several of the solid tube versions and all of them gave great views.

Posts on SGL gives good reviews of the Flexitube too.

Useful extras would be a 32mm wide angle eyepiece as it will make finding objects a little easier and show more of the larger ones. A variable (polarising) moon filter which will reduce the glare of the Moon.

Happy 40th in advance.


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thanks for your responses guys - and the warm welcome to SLG - really helpful.Portability isn't really an issue as my wife has an aptly named Galaxy. And no, if I get into imaging, this will mean buying more kit and therefore much less to spend on the 'scope - so, for now at least, it's just about finding, looking, wondering.When I buy the 'scope (later in the year) I'll report back


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