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2020 hasn’t been a great year for anyone, but we’ve had a good comet, and some clear nights. I haven’t been the most productive, or even a very good imager this year, but I’m quite pleased with what I’ve learnt, narrowband has been a revelation . So I thought I would share a few of my images, and a video I put together or them. Thanks for all the great images and tips that have been posted. Wishing you all a happy Christmas and a great 2021.





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    • By stevebb
      Comet Neowise above Filey Country park
    • By alexbb
      The data for this one also was waiting to be processed. I hoped to get more for it, but it starts to get low and neither the clouds don't want to go away in December. So I call it enough for this season.
      This is a combination of HOO + RGB. I wanted to shoot again RGB with a new refractor, but the newtonian data is all I had for it. Lately I enjoy more RGB colours with narrowband data to enhance it, but I'm posting some intermediary RGB, HOO and starless HOO images too.
      And the astrobin link: https://www.astrobin.com/umkbwp/
      Clear skies!

    • By Sp@ce_d
      Almost posting this one out of frustration with the weather but I guess I've been lucky to get enough to make the effort, so here's what I have so far.
      Captures between 22 & 30 November through pretty dismal skies.
      9x900 Ha Astrodon 5nm
      6x900 OIII Astrodon 3nm
      6x900 SII Astrodon 5nm
      Esprit 150 with the new Flattener/Reducer 0.77x & QSI683
      Processed in Pixinsight with a final pass through Topaz DeNoise AI. Still finding it a bit heavy handed & feeding my overcooking tendencies. 
      Feel free to poke, prod and mumble about it. Be warned, it's not too pretty in deep. I'd love more data but it's been dire. I have 15mins each of RGB for stars but not happy with results so far so desat ones will have to do for now. 

    • By __Spirit__
      NGC 6888 SHO
      TS Newton 150/600 F4 + ASI 1600mm
      Baader Ha, SII, OIII
      Ha - 80x 120s, SII - 65x 120s BIN2, OIII - 136 x 120s BIN2
      Bortlea Class 8-9

    • By KevinPSJ
      Comet Neowise. 19th July at 22:54, near Bath. Taken with Nikon D3200 using kit lens at 55mm (F/5.6). Piggy-back on Skywatcher EQ3-2 mount. Single 60s exposure at ISO400. Stretched in GIMP.
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