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Scope Pimpin' Part Deux


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So I finally decided to get the 8" newt back into service, but it needs a little TLC first.

At the weekend, I stripped it all down and the tube has gone to be powder coated, hopefully ready for early next week. On its return, it will be treated to:

Flocking, including the secondary

Bobs knobs on the secondary

Replaced the Skywatcher O-ring for Bobs Knobs Springs

Bobs Knobs on the primary

It already has a Moonlite CR1, but I then need to get into and understand the mechanical collimation and optical collimation to ensure I get the best from it.

Pics to follow as and when...

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OK, tube is back from being powder coated. Looks luuuuuurverly!!!

I'll try get a piccy up tonight or tomorrow. Away for the weekend at some ropey guest house in Devon, but will start the re-assemble next week :(:)

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Away for the weekend at some ropey guest house in Devon

And I bet your the sort who complains about the food as well.... :(

I'd call that a nice paint job... :thumbright:

Not as nice as Vauxhall Alpine White though.... 8) I look forward to seeing it in the flesh.... :)

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Back from Devon safe and sound - couldn't eat for a couple of days due to excessive quantities consumed at said guest house!!!

Anyway, here is a piccy of the finished article, mounted alongside its bretheren. I will put up the "detail" of the rebuild later...

It's redder than the picture actually, poor light and a Rubbish photographer!!


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