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Hi, wondered if any CEM40 owners could tell me if they image with a C8 or similar and what results they get ? Also will I need 2 counterweights ? 

Scope / camera etc = 8kg.


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Hi. I have a CEM40 (nonEC) and I image with an RC6 + guidescope, main and guidecams, motor focuser - so slightly over 8kg.

I do use 2 counterweights. I could get away with one at the end of the shaft (just) but I prefer to use 2 closer in. EQ5 counterweights fit the CEM40 shaft a treat :-). 

My guidescope focal length is 280mm with an ASI290mini as a guidescope. I use PHD2 to guide and on rare good nights (still air and good seeing) the combo will do 0.5arcsec RMS guiding for hours at a stretch. On more typical nights (average seeing and wind gusts) it will still stay around 0.7 - 0.8 arcsec.  I set up and take down each night and the iPolar makes it super easy to get good PA quickly, which obviously helps the guiding. 

Let me know if you need any more info. 


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Thanks Paul, very helpful 👍 are you controlling the mount with ascom / laptop ?

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Yes, I'm using ascom and a Win 10 Pro laptop. I control my sessions using APT / PHD2. The only issue I've noticed is that on first attempt to use the iPolar it sometimes hangs, but I just close it down and restart when that happens. It always connects ok 2nd time.

Oh yes - and always park the mount to zero position at the end of the night. Don't turn it off and then move it to zero manually. It remembers where it was when powered off, so if you move the axes while unpowered, bad things happen next time you turn it on. Wonder how I know that? :-).

Once you have a workflow sorted and stick to it, life is easy and simple. Meridian flip functionality works well also. 

Good luck



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Thanks again Paul.

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Long story but the CEM40 is off the cards now 😒 going to wait for my HEQ5 to arrive ... Thanks for your help Paul.

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No worries and hope that we both get some clear skies. Enjoy the HEQ5!


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    • By Bajastro
      Mars was taken at night between 20:57 and 22:29 UTC. Equipment used: Celestron SCT C8, Barlow 2x, GSO #29 (dark red), ASI120MM Mini, HEQ5 mount.
      Animation was prepared from 20 images with drizzle 150% (the best 10% of frames from 60-second movies):

      One of the best images from 21:55UT:

    • By Cosmic Geoff
      I had my C8 SE out for some visual observing but did not get much done (full moon). There was some action at Jupiter so I put the ASI224MC and the ADC on to take some images. 5000 frame videos, processed best 20% with Registax6.
      The result was better than I expected with Jupiter at an altitude of 14 degrees.  The image shows the Great Red Spot, some nice cloud detail, the shadow of Io and there ought to be a transiting Io there somewhere.

    • By Tenor Viol
      I am currently waiting for a nice shiny 100mm refractor to arrive... to put on my new HEQ5 PRO. 
      Meanwhile, lurking in the garage in a case that hasn't been opened in over 20 years is a 40 years old this year Celestron C8 - the original fork mounted type in orange.... I'm suspecting that in order to get say a long dovetail plate to fit to it will require some modifications? At 2,000mm f/10 it will be good for lunar and Jupiter and Saturn. 
      Has anyone any experience of doing this with the old style C8? It's fair to say I either lack the requisite skills or equipment to do anything more complex than screw/bolt things together, is if it is more than that, suggestions as to who could carry out any necessary modifications would be welcome. I realise DEC balance will be an issue on a GEM with an SCT...
      (In case you're wondering... back in 1980 when I bought it, there were no such things as dew straps, or much of anything else and I just found it not easy to use, eyepieces were ferociously expensive and I was a lowly bank clerk at the time, then I bought a house....).
    • By stevebb
      Celestron C8 XLT + extras and SkyWatcher Star Travel 80 (ST80)
      I have a Celestron C8 with XLT Starbrite coatings. Will include the full length base plate, both visual and imaging backs, scope rings, front 8" end cap and the finder scope with it. No box I'm afraid. Optics are good and clean, focal length is huge - 2300mm from memory. This lot would cost close to £1300 new and one with less spec went for £750 on fleabay recently. Might be interested in a part exchange or will let it go for £450 collection only.
      Also, I have a SkyWatcher Star Traveler 80 - good optics, used as a guide scope - just the scope itself (does not include the barlow in the photo) - now including dovetail bar and scope rings looking at around £50 for it.
      I have decided to save up for another refractor, WO, Equinox or even toward an Esprit. However, I would also consider p/ex for an Intel NUC and/or Pegasus Astro Pocket Powerbox.
      Please excuse some of the colours - I used my astro modded 6D which was in the observatory so the "nice" purple is actually black !!
      Both these are collection only.

    • By hazza001
      Hello everyone, 
      I'd say it's been about 6 years since I last posted on this forum, oops 😁. 
      Anyway Ive been looking for a new scope something with abit more punch than the skywatcher 130m I have been using and came across this beaut on eBay, I won the auction and picked it up yesterday. The guy was selling it on behalf of an elderly gentleman man who couldn't use it anymore, (it's been sitting in an unheated garage for many years 😩) he had no idea on the make or model other than its a c8, I did a bit of research and found its a c8 super polaris. 
      The mount has both RA and Dec axis motors but I have no way to power them, the action of the mount is buttery smooth. However I plan to mount this on my HEQ5 anyway... 
      The scope its self seems to be in good condition some minor scratches on the tube but nothing too alarming, no finderscope or dust cover but I plan on adding my own finder anyway. The focus is super smoothe and can't see much if any image shift in use (not tested on a star yet due to preverbial clouds) 
      My main concern is as its been in an unheated garage for some considerable time and there seems to be some minor mildew on the primary which I plan on cleaning... when I feel brave enough.. 
      I don't think the secondary screws are original, should be Phillips head? Tested on a small light down the garden and it seems to be well collimated, but does have a small amount of mildew on it
      I don't recognise the mounting bar, I would like to swap it to a vixen style bar so I can mount it on my HEQ5 maybe this?
      Anyway that's where I am with it sorry its been so long since I last posted, I hope to be a tad more active on here. 

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