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GPS for use with EQMod

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For those without Yahoo ids, here are the listed devices:

Magellan "Meridian" "Gold"
Garmin "etrex" "Legend"
Magellan "MAP-330" "MAP-330"
Zycast "" "SG-278"
SILVA "Multi-Navigator" "V2.01"
Magellan "Magellan GPS-315" "GPS-315"
Holux "Holux GR-213U GPS Receiver" "GR-213U "
StarGPS "StarGPS" "GPS-NX01"
garmin "gps" "18 USB"
Delorme "Earthmate" "Hyperperformance"
Synta "GPS mouse" "GPS mouse"
RoyalTek "RGM-3600" "RGM-3600"
UsGlobalSat "UsGlobalSat BU-303" "BU-303"
microsoft "pharos (autoroute 2006)" "gps-360"
Garmin "GPS 45" "GPS 45"
Garmin "" "GPS 12"
Pharos "(branded Microsoft Streets & Trips)" "GPS 360"
GARMIN "GPS 10" "GPS 10"
DeLorme "Earthmate GPS LT-20" "9838"
Garmin "GPS 72" "(Same)"
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I can add the Garmin etrex Venture to that list as well.

Slightly OT, did you know that most (if not all) GPS devices have a 'secret' diagnostics screen?

The Garmin Legend & Venture for example have a screen of information showing, amongst other things, the battery voltage and the temperature. Just hold the 'Enter' button down, power up then release the button.

Also, the Navman Sat-Nav range (with proper buttons). Same procedure.


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