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  1. The O-ring fix sounds like a very good alternative, thx to everyone for their ideas
  2. So went out tonight for the first time in about maybe 3 years with the 250 px and what a lovely view of jupiter I had, lots of detail , anyhow as soon as I began to focus, the rubber grip that is inset in the focus wheel broke in half, so I now need a pair of them, any idea as to where I can get them or maybe make a pair ? Thx
  3. I will, hopefully it will arrive on wednesday and I'll get straight on it lol
  4. Hi guyz, I have just bought Sky Safari pro for my samsung galaxy tab 10.1 and have also bought this bluetooth adapter below, will let you know if I can get it to work with my CPC 800. Wish me luck eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  5. how does the warm air escape from the tube? as I dont see a long tube fitted to the cooler.. If you look at most cat coolers they all have a narrow tube that goes into the visual back and the air escapes past the long tube and out through the back.. Colin
  6. look at my thread here m8, all made from stuff you can buy from B&Q. http://stargazerslounge.com/diy-astronomer/98388-home-made-cat-cooler.html Colin
  7. Hi Billy, just out of curiosity, where do you get the uprated bearings from? Thanks m8 Colin
  8. It is m8, I usually have the orion refractor mounted on my heq5-pro but I really like the simple Gps star align of the cpc so bought myself an ADM mounting kit about 2 months back. I originally thought the weight of the other scope plus the counterbalance weight would be too much for the mount but after last night I know its ok now, plus others have done a similar setup. Lets hope it stays lined up after taking the scope and rings off the dovetail bar, kept the rings attached to the refractor of course, but we'll find out when its clear next, whenever that will be(most likely be when moons full again lol). At least I can use the refractor while waiting for the cpc scope to cool down now just got sick of the long cool down time even though I use a cat cooler to cool it down quicker..
  9. Just put the orion onto the cpc800 tonight, got it all setup ready to go focused on Jupiter, the seeing was **** tonight and moon was out, but at least its all ready to go now Colin
  10. I cant see the join team link at all??? I can see it on other teams, just seems a problem with stargazers team.. I went to the other link, shows me info about the team but cant see any way to join ?
  11. Hi Bizbilder, it blows clean filtered air in, directed to the rear of the tube, warm air escapes through the eyepiece. Colin
  12. Hi guys, thought I would show you my home made B&Q Cat cooler. Cost was about £16 including glue, I used 21.5mm pipe and 2 reducers, couldn't find a square end for the fan so made do with the one in the photo. I haven't glued the pipe into the other end incase I get an 11" cat later. I used a piece of filter floss for the filter, I ran it for about 30 mins then checked for particles in the OTA floating about, there was none. Colin
  13. Thanks fo the help guyz, I have the revelation dielectric diagonal from telescope house, its a nice bit of kit. Ordered the adapter from FLO. Thanks again Colin
  14. Hi guyz, is this the item I need for the c8 so I can use my 2" diagonal. Adaptors - William Optics SCT-2 inch adaptor Thanks Colin
  15. Hiya Micky, I am in the redhouse area, if you ever feel the need to drop everything and go stargazing then I'me yer man.. lol
  16. If you travell to rowley bank not too far from you its nice n dark there.. Colin
  17. Hiya M8, am in the Sunderland area, not too far from you. Colin
  18. Hi m8, get yourself one of these Moon & Neutral Density Filters - Variable Polarizing Moon Filter They are ideal for looking at the moon. Colin
  19. Better wrap up warm m8, coz ive just been out trying me new 32mm eyepiece, and its efffffing freezing.. lol Top of a hill and that wind brrrr.. Colin
  20. Hi m8, to stop the grind noise, This is for the RA axis, the DEC is more or less the same procedure. Take the side plate off, the one that covers the stepper motors, then notice that for each motor you have three allen bolts with 2 washers on and three without, loosen the three with washers and move the stepper motor away from the big brass cog (thats part of the worm gear). You will now have to loosen the other three small allen bolts on the stepper motor bracket, leave one nipped up just a bit and move the stepper motor cog close to the other cog on the bracket, spin the cog by hand and make sure that it isnt too tight (and not slack), should feel just nice, don't screw the stepper motor bracket back yet, but tighten up the three small bolts. That other cog the big one, the one seperate from the stepper motor bracket get hold of it and try to turn it, does it feel tight, stiff or slack? if its slack and there's a bit play in it before the weight arm moves, then it needs moving closer to its counterpart (cant remember what its called lol) anyhow look under the mount, see them three alen bolts the big shiny ones loosen them. Look at where you plug in the power and handset in, under it are two possidrive screws, take them out, behind the power panel you'll see a small hole, inside that is a 2.5mm grub screw opposite it is another grub screw on the other side. When you screw in the grub screw behind the power panel it will make the worm gear mesh closer, if you screw the grub screw in you have to unscrew its opposite screw out first, remember only use minute turns, after each adjustment check the big brass cog by turning it by hand, you dont want it too tight, but not too slack which would be worse. When your happy with the adjustment you've made tighten the three big allen bolts back up and move the stepper motor unit against the other cog making sure the gear mesh isnt too tight, keep testing it by moving it by hand after, if its tight re adjust it, just take your time. When you test it leave the side plate off, if it starts making loud clicks don't worry you've just made it too tight, just re-do it. Most of all don't be afraid of doing it, these mounts are hard to break. Here's a link to Melanies site, shes a member on here, she's done a strip down and rebuild on the mount. HEQ5 Strip Down Guide Colin
  21. Hi Guys, So I've had my heq5 mount for just over 16months, I tuned the mount as soon as I got it to get rid of the coffee grind noise. The mount has been working great, imaging and viewing, until last sunday and monday night, I noticed a tapping noise comming from the RA axis which got worse as it got cold, and when viewing, the stars were jerking sideways with each tapping noise. Anyhow seems that the ra axis worm gear had become tight, you know how you loosen the 3 allen bolts off and using the 2 grub screws you can adjust the mesh of the worm gear, well somehow it was tight:icon_scratch: So I've readjusted the mesh and re-done the stepper motor mesh, I put the mount out and 1 hour later tried it so far sweet as a nut, but it is strange how 16months later it became tight. So if your mount begins to tap sweet music to you, you know what to do.. Colin
  22. Hi m8 and welcome to the forum, I like a lot of others never listened to sound advice and bought myself a meade etx 105 for £450, and only later after forking out more cash and buying my 250 skywatcher dob did I realize I had wasted 450 quid on the meade, the dob is fantastic. With the meade, looking at the moon it had a yellowish tinge to it, putting the dob next to it and veiwing the moon wow, my retinas had just been burnt out lol, and deep sky objects were a hell of a lot brighter with no false colours. Colin
  23. Thats just what I was thinking:hello2:
  24. Hey thanks Jarralad, managed to find a place close to the place you sent me, its also got a good place to park and close to a good road. I will have a drive over when the weather breaks and see what its like, but looks good. 54°49'30.75"N 1°51'59.78"W have a look see what you think.. Colin
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