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The Small Rosette Nebula under moon light


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I have done it again although I know I should really have gone to bed since I had to work next day, and it is obviously better to image small faint nebulae on dark nights. Nevertheless, I had a go at this one on Sunday night with my double Esprit rig. I even had to fight with clouds so I only managed to catch 30 x 5 min of RGB with the Esprit 150 and ASI071 and 9 x 15 min of Ha with the Esprit 100 and ASI1600MM (Baader 3.5 nm filter). I actually went to bed around midnight when there were plenty of clouds around and I only had a handfull of subs, but I left the rig shooting away  and apparently it cleared for a couple of hours.

To my surprise, and after much processing, it became a relatively presentable image. I had no gradient problems as I was pointing away from the moon but the sky was too bright too allow me to tease out the faintest structures in the dusty background. Yes I know, @vlaiv may tell me that this is how it is all the time to image from urban areas and I am spoiled having my obsy on the dark country side.

The Small Rosette Nebula or SH2-170 is the dot in the Question Mark Nebula and not that much imaged on its own. I really should get back to it on a dark night.





20200202 Sh2-170 HaRGB PS36smallSign.jpg

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