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  1. Wow! that’s great! I own a 500d and I find it a bit noisy compared to the 450, 650 and 6d I’m really impressed with what you’ve managed to achieve here! like Dave says, add more data if the weather allows, I’d love to see this develop! thanks for sharing Bryan
  2. Hi Rodd having lurked around on this forum for the past 10 years wishing I was capable of producing images such as this and Steve’s I can see how wonderful both images are in their own merit. You both have slightly different styles and if you were to put them side by side and ask 100 people which they prefer, I think the room could be evenly split. I too kicked myself as I felt I had overcooked my last image (rosette) once I saw Steve’s IC 1871 and then John’s IC1396! They appear to have an effortless clarity that I would love to be able to emulate. Having said that, I love the composition of your heart of soul, The impact of the colour and the clarity of detail, it’s stunning! Basically, I get where you’re coming from but honestly, hold your head up high! This is a cracking photo that is unique to you and there will be more than a few people here thinking, “I’m gonna try that!” thanks for sharing Bryan
  3. Nicely framed! lovely dusty region skilfully processed! Well done Adrian! I like it, and would like to have a go at something similar one day (night) Thanks for sharing Bryan
  4. I agree with Alan. you are being hard on yourself. Thats a fab image with loads of great detail, I wouldn’t have expected that from a zoom lens?! Thanks for sharing Bryan
  5. Thanks Andy for your message! It doesn’t seem that long ago, I was looking at images like mine and wondering if I’d ever be able to produce anything like it! In fact I seemed stuck for years. It was finally swapping my DSLR for a cooled mono camera that forced me to learn more techniques that have helped my acquisition of data and processing skills that I have progressed, also there is a wealth of information and helpful folk on this site always willing to give you a nudge in the right direction! There are so many talented imagers on this site I know I’ve still got loads to learn! thanks again Bryan
  6. Thanks steppenwolf for your kind words. I think if I process it again sometime, maybe if it stops raining and I can finally get more data, I think I would probably tone it down a tad to make it look a bit more natural. there are some fantastic subtle images on here that I find inspirational Thanks again Bryan
  7. It did. I’ll try and find some comparable photos of the same object with the same optical system so you can judge yourself. I’ll look through my files this weekend Cheers Bryan
  8. The clarity and sharpness in your image is better than anything I managed when I was imaging with DSLR and my 12 inch SCT at 3048mm Fl sometimes with a 6.3FF/FR, I was always trying to get a sharper image. I considered using adaptive optics device but I never took the plunge and instead I bought a second hand Atik 314l+, I was astounded by the difference in clarity and detail and wondered why I had left it so long (10 years with DSLR) Although it has presented many more challenges with filters, filter wheels etc It was a bit like starting again from scratch, but I don’t think I could go back unless I’m travelling with a portable setup (which I can’t afford to do since buying all the extras!) All I need now is clear skies, which Seem much more illusive Cheers Bryan
  9. Thanks for the reply MG Thats a lot of subs with a varied time scale and would present a challenge Calibrating and stacking (for me, that is) Did you match all those lights with darks? cheers Bryan
  10. Hi MG Good job! Can I ask, what were the length of the subs? thanks for sharing Bryan
  11. Beautiful image! Subtle processing! Great detailed description! Thank you for sharing Bryan
  12. Steve, Thank you for your kind words and taking the time to comment. Bryan
  13. Thank you Celestron8g8 I’m glad you like it Bryan
  14. Thanks for the information glowingturnip! That’s fascinating! And to think 2004! Wow! there is still stuff to discover!! oh, and yeah, sorry about the Mirrored image... is that better? thanks again Bryan
  15. Just thought I’d mention, I keep a small dehumidifier under the cover too and as it’s on a home made pier instead of a tripod I am able to create a reasonable seal around the bottom, It has made a difference to things decaying with rust or misting up etc, it was a £40 eBay purchase. I am hoping to get home early enough to continue gathering data on my latest project, I’m trying to do my first mosaic, just a 2 panel of the soul nebula. cheers Bryan
  16. It has been pretty miserable so far this winter. I don’t have an observatory but my kit is outside under a telegizmos 365 cover so I can set up in minutes and take advantage of a clear spell I have a neighbour who caught the bug from me, he has to set up from scratch each session and won’t do so unless it’s going to stay clear all night! nice composition BTW, thanks for sharing! cheers Bryan
  17. Thanks again Graeme, I was trying the wrong version! It works a treat!!
  18. Yeah, well done! there are a few who don’t guide but not many that don’t track! you can definitely see the dust lanes. what camera and lens did you use? cheers Bryan
  19. Thanks for sharing, it’s a new one to me and I like it!
  20. I love this image, the framing and the processing are wonderful! what stacking and processing software do you use? thanks for sharing Bryan
  21. The pop art idea could be great fun! The colour palette often used is referred to as the Hubble palette as it was the colours used with many of the stunning images produced by the team at NASA as it helps enhance the gas distribution, this is often referred to as SHO, S = Sii H = Ha O = Oiii gas emissions in that order for Red, Green and Blue, but the colour green isn’t favoured for some reason and is often changed to a golden orange red colour that people find more pleasing. I’m glad you like it Bryan
  22. Hi JOC You are absolutely right, there is definitely more than a sprinkling of poetic license. The image is a mixture of three separate filters, each filter isolates particular gas emissions, you can then assign a colour to that particular gas omission to achieve the desired result. By the way, each individual stacked filtered image is greyscale as the camera I use is a mono camera So in conclusion, it is a false colour image but nevertheless the colours chosen help to isolate each gas emissions and enhances the contrast showing more detail and a “pretty picture” too I hope that helps to explain. Bryan
  23. Thanks JOC for your kind comment, you made me laugh out loud! (Where did I park my probe!) I remember wondering how on Earth could you produce an image like that! And I still do, there are some amazingly talented people on this forum that produce images of exquisite quality and subtlety. Thanks again Bryan
  24. Thanks for your kind words Alan, I am happy with the image, it’s probably is my best to date, I just know there is some loss in definition in the stars in NGC2244, and the stars have no colour, but it was time well spent. Cheers Bryan
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