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  1. Hi Starpeople I was rooting in an cupboard and came across a sky at night magazine from Oct 2009 It had the winner of the astrophotographer of the year inside I was just starting astrophotography back then and I looked upon images like this as unobtainable, and there weren’t many of us either I am amazed how the hobby has changed, the technology, the techniques, the software etc and the interest! anyway, here is a quick photo of the article Cheers Bryan
  2. I’ve been looking at these have you got one? are there any issues with drivers or software? cheers
  3. Are there any of that size that don’t suffer from amp glow? I rarely use flats, even with my new (to me) Atik383l as bias and dark flats seem to do the job just as well
  4. Is that a clean cmos? does it suffer from amp glow?
  5. I wouldn’t be after a full frame chip just something that will allow me to continue with my 1.25” filters I’d need a mortgage to change them! And I’ll probably wait a year or 2 until they become more affordable on the second hand market as newer shinier toys attract those that can and will buy them! I should maybe complete 4 images with my slower older kit by then cheers
  6. Thanks To surmise mono is still king! I just need a new cmos mono camera when I can afford one so I can take advantage of the faster integrations Bryan
  7. I wouldn’t know I don’t have a new OSC camera so I’m not sure what I would be capable of?
  8. I am always trying to create a better version of the last attempt of an object and I’m super critical of my own work so I guess the answer is yes!
  9. I didn’t intend starting a new cmos v used ccd thread although I can understand how we got there with quality used ccd’s now being considerably cheaper than the higher end new generation cmos cameras atm I’m just wondering if it’s still worth the effort to commit several nights to an object when I see so many fine examples of OSC with dual band filter versions?
  10. Thanks for the input I can see the attraction when skies are so rarely clear, and I wonder what the new generation of 3nm dual band filters will produce?
  11. Hi Stargazers I am sure this has been asked before, but I may have missed it? Since CMOS cameras have become more sensitive and cleaner there has been a sea change to one shot colour cameras with dual band or quad band filters to create some impressive results. Apart from scientific applications Is there still a benefit to plodding along with a mono camera and individual broadband/narrowband filters when attempting to produce a pretty picture? Cheers Bryan
  12. I’m afraid so. especially Oiii my first image with the new Oiii filter previously I would have had a halo to deal with on this unfortunately I can’t remember if the Ha and Sii are astrodon or Altair, sorry I have since bought a 3nm Oiii to assist capturing that bandwidth under moonlight but not had the opportunity to really test it However, now I’m dealing with the CCD/CMOS issue and considering a complete shakeup of my imaging rigg! It never ends!! Cheers Bryan
  13. sorry for the delay in my response it’s my wedding anniversary! I will try and dig out some files to give you some examples. I was happy when I first used them and I think the ha and sii were halo free but it was my first narrowband imaging rig post dslr so the difference was amazing to me! I didn’t use them long before I swapped the Oiii, (I saw an astrodon oiii 5nm for £250) and I continued with the Altair ha and sii and astrodon oiii for a few months before I saw a full set of astrodons including rgb for £900 so I swapped the lot I hope that helps? Bryan Edit* here is a quick image taken near midsummer from a campsite near Kielder a couple of nights worth, but never dark atik 460 ts65quad
  14. I have a set of Altair Astro premium 6.5nm 1.25” filters and I suffered from halos but mainly on Oiii which prompted me to upgrade to astrodon filters (only 1.25” second hand) Cheers Bryan
  15. Thank you for this I can see there is more data there Are there any drawbacks worth mentioning? For instance, are you handling much larger data sets requiring more storage space and processing power? I can see it’s inevitable but I’ve settled into a workflow that I can repeat blindfold using Artemis capture phd and dithering etc and I worry about finding the time to relearn new processes etc but that’s what this hobby is about I guess? Thanks again for your input Bryan
  16. Thanks for the info It’s a beautiful image! And in such a short time! what were the length of your subs? And what was the 3.3 instrument? My sky is around Borte 5/6 I’m in the suburbs of a small city (Lancaster) I guess you can only work with the tools you have! Thanks again Bryan
  17. Thanks for chipping in I didn’t want to start a cmos v ccd thread, I just wanted to try and quantify the next move and understand what I could have gained in that image if using CMOS Using the term “vastly superior” is a bold statement and I only have my own experience to go on and to me that point of time was the swap from dslr to ccd, it literally blew me away! Although my Canon 6D was a lot better than my Canon 350D it wasn’t vastly superior I don’t know what your journey has involved and what equipment you have used so maybe you are using that term in a different context? However if your Avatar is an example of what is possible with a CMOS camera in a similar amount of time then that is what I would consider vastly superior Cheers Bryan
  18. Thanks Dave I couldn’t have put it better I feel validated. I don’t know if all hobby’s are like this, as it is my main interest. But the next step always just out of reach? Cheers Bryan
  19. I guess, if if wasn’t for the forums and streaming channels etc you’d be happy with your purchases and be imaging with a smile on your face looking forward to the next 20-30min sub to download Sometimes you’ve just gotta put blinkers on, process the data, and enjoy the amazing results that you and your kit are capable of!
  20. Geez! I thought I had a problem!!
  21. Thanks Lazy! I don’t think I’ll be parting with my hard earned money just yet. I’ll probably pick one up for £500-£800 second hand when they bring out the new 3D version ! Cheers Bryan
  22. Thanks for the kind comment newbie Yeah, it’s my best m45 to date and I was pleased to achieve it in such a short time too which is what got me thinking as CMOS users generally rave about the speed! Cheers Bryan
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