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It cleared up really nicely for about an hour last night between 11 and 12 before the clouds rolled back in again, decided not to set the scope up but captured some startrails, you can just see the clouds starting to roll in on the bottom left hand corner. The black line is a telephone cable, seem to have about four crossing over my garden which are a real nuisance for this type of shot, will have a go at taking it out in PS.

92 x 30 seconds combined in Startrails, 400D + EFS 18-55 fit lens @ 18mm, ISO400.


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I guess your LP isnt to bad Brendan or is it and thats why you limit to 90s exposures?

I think Brendan only took 30s exposures. (92 of them) That is the beauty of the startrails program, it can work in very bad light polution. I successfully tried it once with a near full moon.


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As Dave has pointed out the exposures were 30s @ ISO400, it helps to keep a nice background colour keeping the exposures short, if I took say 120s exposures you would have a lovely orange glow rather than the nice deep blue. LP is pretty bad being only around 15 miles as the crow flies from the center of Glasgow.

Attached is a typical 180 sec exposure through the scope just for comparison with no LP filter



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