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Eastern Veil Nebula (HOO bicolour)


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Hi everyone,

Here is the Eastern Veil Nebula (NGC 6992/5), part of a large supernova remnant found in the constellation of Cygnus. You are looking at the wispy leftovers of a star 20 times more massive than our sun which exploded some 8000 years ago.

- Sky-Watcher 200PDS telescope
- HEQ5 Pro mount
- ZWO ASI1600MM camera for capture
- ZWO filter wheel, Ha and Oiii filters
- ZWO 120MM camera for autoguiding
- ZWO finder-guider guidescope
- Artesky flats box

- 6th September 2019 from my garden in Glasgow, Scotland.
- 50x120sec with Ha filter, unity gain
- 50x120sec with Oiii filter, unity gain
- 20 flats each filter and 20 darks
- Controlled using Sequence Generator Pro

- Stacked in Deep Sky Stacker
- PixInsight dynamic crop, dynamic background extraction, pixelmath (to produce bicolour HOO image), colour calibration, SCNR, histogram transformation, curved transformation, star mask and star reduction, TGV denoise
- Final denoise with Topaz Denoise and some touch ups in Lightroom.

Future improvements:
- More time on the target (less clouds).
- Addition of comma corrector to my imaging train.
- Create mosaic of the wider Veil nebula area.
- Improve PixInsight processing workflow.

More shots:


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