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Another M42....


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Well - heres another attempt at processing... A bit more data this time - it turns out that there is 6158 seconds of Ha data and 9282 seconds of OIII data, obviously thats shared across all the images in the mosaic. Still not happy with the central section, its not light enough, and I cannot seem to correct this. :)

I generated this by merging in iMerge for each channel, and then back into Photoshop to combine the colour channels, etc. I tried running Noel's Horizontal banding tool on it, but it didn't make much difference - this is the image with it applied.

Any more tips?


(click to enlarge)

I am going to try reshooting the middle section, and continue expanding the mosaic over the winter, weather permitting...

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I think I might have this mosaicing thing sorted - I re-did the processing in PS yesterday. The trick is that you have to select only part of the frame to get feathering to work :)

Anyway, I think it looks alot better now - just need to get more data - I mean how far out does that gas GO??!!


(click to enlarge)

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