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  1. A lovely crisp image Fay, love the detail in there. M16 not the easiest of targets to capture due to how low it is for most of us, i know when i captured it for the 1st time a couple of years ago now most of the images were drowned out with the LP, my 2nd attempt made up for it though But still nothing like your image, fantastic...... Mark
  2. You should be chuffed with that Image John, not a bad one at all, lovely tight pinpoint stars and nice detail in there. Keep up the good work Mark
  3. Thats a great image Steve for only your 5th one......NAN isnt the easiest of targets to capture, you`ve captured it very well, and with a little help with processing from Glenn your good image has become a great image......I`d be grinning from ear to ear with that result Mark
  4. A lovely set of images Trudie, i dont know why you say they arent any good, i think they look great when you consider that the subs are 60 secs or less...... Mark
  5. Lovely image John, nicely framed and processed..... Mark
  6. Looking good Steve Mark
  7. A very nice M37 Rob.....Capturing GC`s is the easy part, bringing out the colour like you have done is another matter......Great job there with the processing Mark
  8. I`d say that was a half decent result Brendan, you captured what you set out to capture Mark
  9. A lovely image Dave, love the colour Mark
  10. Lovely 1st images James........Visual observing is great, but imaging takes you to a whole new level......There hopefully will be no stopping you now...... Mark
  11. Nice capture Ant.....Its always nice to find you have captured more in your images than you initially thought Mark
  12. A good start Lavey, it can be a difficult object to process Mark
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