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Just bought some EP's is this a good deal.


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Mainly bought them for the Tal 100r. My collection of Hyperions are for the dob.

Also thinking of buying a cheap Tal-1 and an SLT mount and placing it ontop of the wooden tripod the same thing as Steelrat has done. I think these orthoes should be pretty good in a Tal-1

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Oh YES!!! Fantastic deal! Glad you got them. Some nights a set of ortho's and a good refractor can give you really memorable views! Well done. (Note, you'll probably never sell them even if you buy more complex/expensive eyepieces down the line - I didn't!)

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I think they are an excellent deal as I said in response to your earlier post.

I've just picked up (or will be picking up tomorrow) a set of orthos myself to use as an alternative to my Naglers - they simply can't be beat in terms of "bang for the buck". I got 6 orthos for less than the price of 1 2nd hand Nagler :hello2:

I'm a "dob nudger" as well Doc so I'll need to hone my skills at tracking !.

I hope you enjoy them - good buy :p


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They arrived today.

Had a quick peek as they are a xmas prezzie from the kids so cannot have them until after xmas day :crybaby:

Look very nice and lenses look very clean so fingers crossed.

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