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Skywatcher AZ4 mount in AN.


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There was a little piece on this in AN, it looks like a very interesting product. The choice of steel or ally legs, alt/ az setting circles, Vixen dovetail compatable and can carry much larger scopes than the existing AZ2.

My ED100 is a little shaky on a AZ2 when using high mags, looks like this could be the answer.

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Surprised Steve hasn't already posted some details?

Steve is not allowed to reveal details without permission :silent: :p


Interestingly, Gaz is almost always the first to know about new products, I think he has spies outside the factories in China and Taiwan :hello2:

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I can't see any reason why it shouldn't :hello2:

It's hard to tell from the photos - it looks a bit like a non-standard tripod hub which might rule out fitting the pillar extn. Have to wait until they are really here I guess.


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Greg, it will fit the HEQ5 tripod as that is the steel tripod supplied as standard. But, there are no plans to make the head available separately (don't shoot the messanger angel.gif )

You can never have enough tripods..My garage looks like something out of War Of The Worlds.. :hello2:

Still looks very good...And a cracking price.. :shock:

John, I would have thought that the head would fit on an HEQ5 Pier top..So it should fit on an pier extension.

But as you say untill we see one in the flesh ........

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