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Well at least its a image


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Last night was far from ideal to be out imaging (even in Ha) what with the Moon high and incredibly bright (no dark adapted eyes for me :help: ).

The purpose for last night was to try out my new H9 ccd along with using Maxim for the first time.Using Maxim was painless enough but i need to spend more time on getting the focus spot on :D .On the positive side Phd performed faultlessly :D

So how did i get on.........

Well here's a stack of 8 5min subs taken on a ED80 pro with a Starlight H9 CCD with a 7nm Baader Ha filter in place.Be gentle on me as it is my first image in at least 6 months :lol::laugh:


(click to enlarge)


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A few people have been using black plastic folders to cut the masks - I have made a quick one by printing on photo paper and giving a quick spray with black paint. I Leave a few tabs outside the mask and hold it in place with a bit of tape... Thats until I get the posh metal ones cut :D

Looks like there might be somethign else going on in the pic as well as the out of focus images are showing a bright spot offset to oneside... :scratch:


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Ok, Steve, the focus is out but you can resolve that easily enough! I am curious though, why use PHD when you now have Maxim which has an excellent autoguider facility built in?

Steve upto last night i hadnt used Maxim to get a image let alone guide with it , i used Phd as i was used to it and its easy to use i find.Maybe with time when i have explored Maxim a bit more then i will :D

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Well done Steve, great to see you back in action again. Did you use the focus routine in Maxim. Select bright star under the focus tab, start then move to the inspect tab and adjust focus using the star image and the FWHM info. Make sure the max value is less than 65000. On a bright star it is almost like focusing in real time.

The guiding in Maxim is very easy. There is an excellent tutorial on Maxim which walks you through the whole process.

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