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Hi all,
I wrote earlier about a Star Party here in Sweden, now I have been on a second one this year, the MAK or Mariestad Star Party.

I took some photos from the party and wrote some text to it for all people that couldn't visit the party, you can see them here:


There is also some photos from the travel to the party and back home.

I hope some of you can visit Sweden in the future.


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      A colleague at Bedford AS is now no longer able to attend Kelling.
      Pitch is T374 on the Red Field, 26th to 30th Sept. Cost is £58 for the pitch.
      If interested, please let me know and I will put you in touch with him
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      Just cos I'm interested...
      We know Maks are great at planets and lunar. Lets showcase any images that are NOT planets or lunar. Has to be done through a Mak. Any camera setup. Any mount setup.
      My two first tries are single frames of Dumbbell and Ring nebular from a couple of years ago. Once the clouds clear I intend to try some proper stacked DSO imaging... so this thread is to give me inspiration of the art of the possible...

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      Hello there! If someone has a 127 mak, in great condition (and reasonable price), that doesn't use/want anymore, (and he's/she's willing to post to Europe, at buyer's cost) can surely drop me a message!
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      Here is my little Mak with 3d printed finder/focusser bracket, along with nice red sky-watcher logo 

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      The 28th annual Grand Canyon Star Party (GCSP) will be held June 9 through 16, 2018, in northern Arizona's Grand Canyon National Park. GCSP is an annual collaboration between the National Park Service and astronomers from around North America and often the world to bring astronomy outreach to Park visitors.  New Moon will be June 13, mid-week, making giving us dark skies for most of the week while providing a few days of crescent moon for the visitors on the last few nights.
      Amateur astronomers with a telescope and love of the sky to share, and the interested public of all ages, are invited to experience the beautiful Arizona nights in an exploration of the heavenly Grand Canyon skies. Not an astronomer? Drop in for an unforgettable and fabulous vacation for families, singles, and seniors. 

      GCSP will be held concurrently on both the North and South Rims. Visitors to the park are free to show up at their leisure, and observe through any or all telescopes. Astronomers choosing to set up for the event need to register in advance with the appropriate coordinator below. The South Rim can accommodate 80 or more telescopes, and we have not had to limit South Rim attendance thus far. The ten or so North Rim slots on the Lodge veranda, however, usually are accounted for by the end of February.

      In general, volunteer astronomers should pre-register with the coordinator for the Rim they wish to join.  Astronomers are responsible for securing their own lodging, and, due to the nature of the venues for both rims, telescopes generally need to be set up and taken down each night. Please see the North Rim site for unique arrangements for that venue.  For the South Rim, we have space reserved for larger instruments, and a second reserved area at the entrance for live video setups, that may be left in place for the duration.

      Visitor attendance at the Grand Canyon National Park has increased by 50% over the last four years, and lodging has become difficult to get less than four or five months in advance.  In fact, Trailer Village has been filled for the June event as early as January for the last two years.  If you are planning to attend, make reservations at the earliest opportunity.  Accommodation information can be found at the web sites below.

      At the South Rim component, over the past several years the day time outreach has grown significantly, with daytime hands-on demonstrations on astronomical topics at the Main Visitor Center and occasionally in the Bright Angel area, indoor demonstrations at the visitor center, and solar, lunar, and planetary observing during the day around the park.  Also at the South Rim, at the Visitor Center theater we will have a variety of nightly presentations by a great group of speakers as the twilight deepens.

      Web sites and contact information are shown below. Please contact Steve for the North Rim, or me for the South Rim, if you are interested in attending or for questions you might have. 

      North Rim
      Steve Dodder
      Coordinator, North Rim, Grand Canyon Star Party
      53750 W. Prickley Pear Rd.
      Maricopa, AZ 85239
      E-mail: fester00 [at] hotmail.com

      South Rim
      Jim O’Connor
      Coordinator, South Rim, Grand Canyon Star Party
      P.O. Box 457
      Cortaro, AZ 85652
      E-mail: gcsp [at] tucsonastronomy.org
      Phone: 520 546-2961
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