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  1. My guide scope and main tube are aligned, so it is a matter of preference. Using the guide scope works just fine when platesolving is working. Center the target in the guide scope and it is in view of the main scope. Bob
  2. I don't use an iso, that only comes into play with the Canon. I'm using ZWO 120 and 294, the 120 is on the guide scope. I use 50% gain and 4 second exposures with stretch. Bob
  3. Just to make it more interesting. Sometimes when both Live and Image are working, it won't solve with a single image but WILL solve with live. Go figure. Bob
  4. I've heard that, but the problem is last night that was the ONLY location that would plate solve. I tried M31 and a number of other areas first after polar alignment. Just irritating when things don't work, I'm trying to figure out if I did anything to change it, but it goes back and forth in the same session without any changes. I've moved all the plate solving software to its own folder in the C drive, I'll see if that helps as I've seen some folks report problems having it in the 'windows' folder. Bob
  5. As a side note, SharpCap does a great job with polar align, but will not plate solve at all. Am I missing a setting? Bob
  6. Hey Guys, I run a Youtube Channel and as part of that I like to live stream the telescope. But the problem is lack of consistency. Equipment: Orion EON 110, Meade 10" SCT Orion Mount - Exos2-PMC. Meade Mount 'push to' alt az with clockwork drive APT, SharpCap, PHD2, Stellarium, ASCOM Hub Focal Lengths Orion 660mm, Guide Scopes 188mm, SCT 2500mm Powered USB for ZWO cameras (120 and 294) Here is what happens: Cameras, sometimes work, sometimes don't. I am not making the mistake of trying to get APT and SharpCap to view the same camera. I used APT for the guide scope and SharpCap for the main tube and the 294. Sometimes APT will take an image, sometimes it will do live view, sometimes both, sometimes neither. It is very distracting to the stream to spend an HOUR turning the computer off and on, plugging, unplugging and replugging the cameras just to get them to image. When I do get an image it plate solves at the NCP, but if you move away, setting the coordinates to the scope position or the object I am looking at, it doesn't consistently plate solve. Sometimes it does, sometimes not. It is completely irregular and can change within a session. Not all three plate solving means even work, for blind solve, ASTAP never seems to work, either in point craft or locally stand alone PS2 and ASPS work intermittently, as above I did download all the catalogs and they are in the default directories. This is very frustrating and I was wondering if anyone else is having this issue or has suggestions. Bob
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