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Eta Persei, top of Perseus. Spent many long moments whisked away by gold and blue. It's a wonderful group of stars. It's quite challenging to pick companions out from the glow.

Don't go with the obvious binary , there's many delicate ones to pick out here. Last night was ideal for transparency , nice wide view will do fine, under 

Clear Skies  ! Nick.IMG_6274.thumb.PNG.1aebd64c335f2a338366b50c1f411027.PNGIMG_6275.thumb.JPG.252b649326cdc862aa4712bfb2f74b06.JPG

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Nice sketch Nick.

It would be interesting to see how this is mapped in the new  Skysafari v6 Pro - as well as the physical pair, I always see a good clutch of other stars nearby which are optical only according to CDSA. Anyone?

For comparison, this is the CDC view (UCAC4). I've changed it to EP view for a frac/mak, and added mags.





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The Cambridge double star atlas shows the following as showcase systems in Perseus.

(where an M is shown before the number, turn it on its side 90degrees anti clockwise to give the sigma symbol as on the maps)

M 162  Splendid (2)+1+1 quadruple.

M 268 Close pair, delicate brightness contrast.

Ary 72 Distant, high mass multiple star or comoving group with K supergiant, at the core of trumpler 2, a cluster about 80 million years old. Fine visual example of the transition from natal cluster to multiple star.

OM 44 Distant high mass 2+1 triple.

15 eta M 307 Miram,(2)+1 triple.

M 331 HHigh mass (2)+(2) spectroscopic quadruple.

M 369 High mass double, dominant in sparse field.

38 omi beta 535 Spectroscopic binary in rich field.

45 eps M 471 High mass (2)+1+1 quadruple.

OM 77 2+1 triple, pretty, nearly matched trio beautifully displayed in dark field.


Hopefully you can pull these up on your maps.



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