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  1. So true, only last night the skies cleared unexpectedly and for around half hour I wrestled with the idea of getting the scope out (been out 3 times this week). Instead I grabbed my bino's and hung out the window in-between having a few beers. After an hour clouds rolled in and I shut my curtains in the relief that I wasn't copping out.
  2. I like this, gives perspective to whats above our urban dwellings.
  3. This was my first scope, never forget my views of Saturn through this. Didn't appreciate the quality at the time and wish I still had it. Thing was a pain to move around on that pier though.
  4. I'm going to agree with the 130 dob, a friend at work has one and he easily split the double double the other night with the stock eyepieces with his first "proper" as in "knowing where to look" viewing session from a very light polluted sky.
  5. Sounds good Paul, is this a planetary nebula?
  6. How would the Vixen perform on doubles? In comparison to the kunming 102 F11.
  7. I darn't look at how much this gear cost's, pretty amazing though.
  8. This might sound ignorant, are cosmic rays in the visible spectrum then? Edit: It appears they are sub atomic particles smashing into Earth's atmosphere at high speed.
  9. I just bought a Altair 2" dielectric from Knighty2112 (thanks Gus!). This thing is a beast and extremely well made, very pleased. The locking mechanism for the eyepiece is very nice too, much better than single straight through screws.
  10. I will use the scope for its intended purposes now although I have just viewed the moon at 200* and split the double double at 200. Planets can wait till I get the 102 F11
  11. Nice one Mark, Ive been scanning around Cassiopeia too, tried to find M33 but no luck and moon rising now. Going back out for half hour Luna now.
  12. I shouldn't have done it but I had to try. I took my ST 102 for a short 5 minute drive to somewhere with no obstructions to the views. The vantage point looks out over the whole of Manchester to the west and 360 degree views. Knowing the ST was not meant for looking at the planets didn't stop me trying. First was Mars which was the first to pick out not long after Sol had disappeared below the horizon, sighted with the stock 25mm plossl and then a 12mm BST giving 40*,just a small salmon coloured dot, next went in the 5mm BST giving 100*, a slightly larger blurry disk. The 5mm barlowed didnt improve things and proved very difficult to focus By now the 2nd point of light showing in the sky was Saturn, using the same magnifications proved better than Mars, the rings were clearly visible albeit small but no Cassini division and no colours, everything was the same whitish hue. I remember my Tal 1 refractor giving far more pleasing views 15 years ago. Jupiter was now visible in the west and showed a small featureless mushy disk with its moons showing like tiny stars. I'd had enough by this point. It was nice to see Saturn again and leaves me now wanting something I can see some details Things to take from this session, use the ST 102 for what it was built for and you wont be dissapointed, use it for planets and well... Oh, did some Luna viewing last night at the end of a 3 hour session once it popped over the treeline and was quite impressed with its performance there, just don't do planets.
  13. Can't comment on what might be the cause, I can however say I have never had a problem with the optics in my ST 102. Come to think of it, I don't recall ever reading anything untoward about the optics in this scope (other than the usual short achro grumbles). If this is for night time sky viewing, I would wait for some clear sky's and try again. BTW, the scope is very good and upgrading stock eyepieces will show a good improvement.
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