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Which Filter for DSLR?


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Hi there, currently have a Canon 7D (Not Modded) and Canon 400mm 5.6 lens. 

Off to Morocco hopefully in the New Year. Should be pretty dark sky (Heading to the Sahara).

When at home have Bortle 3-4 sky. 

Looking to see if I would benefit from a snap in filter for my 7D. Not really clued up on these at all. Is there anything that would improve pictures, allow for more Ha etc. or does that really need my camera to be modded?


Thanks for any ideas.

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10 minutes ago, Anthonyexmouth said:

ive seen clip in OWB filters for cropped canons but i was told not to use a lens with my filter in as it can hit the filter. 

Can't remember which one it is Canon EF or EF-S, but yeah one of those lens types has the extra "bit" on the end of the lens that could hit a filter.

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43 minutes ago, Shibby said:

Just thought I'd add that you can also use a custom white balance to correct the colour. I have a 50% grey card that I take with me everywhere for this purpose! (It's a cheaper option than the filter)

True, that's the previous way I did it and it's great for static subjects, but I soon tired of doing that for constantly changing lighting conditions and moving targets.

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