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Hi everyone

A 100% Linux indi-ekos-siril-gimp production through capture and guiding to stacking and post processing produced this sort of dreamy m16.

As it's quite low in Alicante and we have some light pollution, I used a cls but with the moon to contend with too, could only manage 4 minute frames.I left the histogram peaks well away from the black to see if I could get more gas and dust or whatever it is over there. Sill loads to learn so as ever, comments most welcome.

Thanks for looking and clear skies

700d on 250p: ~90 minutes @ ISO 800


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Excellent result, Alacant.  Nice to know that everything is working well with your new system. I'm thinking about moving to linux soon too, but mine will be a dual boot OS because of some games ?

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10 hours ago, Atreta said:

mine will be a dual boot OS because of some games ?

Hi. This is too. I tried ekos a while ago and it wasn't stable, so went back to Windows. A year or so later everything has matured, so I've decided to persevere with it; lovely modern interface.

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