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The Crescent Nebula


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I hesitated as to whether to post this under sketching as it was something I did quickly to allow me compare against future observations. I’d never seen the Crescent nebula in Cygnus before last night. I’ve tried many times. Last night, from home using my APM HDC 20mm and Astronomik OIII, much to my surprise I finally saw some nebulosity! I repeated the viewing with the Lunt HDC 9mm. Given the time of year and some light pollution, I was really happy with this result. The skies looked good right from when I went out at around 12:30am. 

Of the sketch itself, I will say that I’m not happy with the shading I got on the Nebula but it gives you an idea of the section of the Nebula that I could see. Some of the stars are a little scruffy too. However it’s a nice little reminder of my first encounter with the Crescent Nebula. Looking forward to further viewings under much darker skies!


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