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  1. https://cosmicpursuits.com/2345/the-christmas-comet-of-2018/
  2. Great choices , Olli - With the 6.7/82 Just stare directly into the brightness of the moon and your eye will adjust very quickly .
  3. They come with 2 adaptors , a 1.25 and 2 inch one ... only use one of these at a time to get focus . The thinner of the 2 is the 1.25 adaptor for the lenses that came with the scope .
  4. Well done ... I always find the double star Gamma Delphini well worth a visit .
  5. Check this link , Olli ... an as new ES24/68 at a good price https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/332870657683?ul_noapp=true The Baader Hyperions have excellent light transmission making them ideal for hunting down faint and tight double stars and also the fainter stars in Open Clusters ... as pointed out above , they do perform better in slower scopes .
  6. There`s another fainter cluster beside M38 called NGC 1907 and M36 as well has NGC 1931 nearby ( both NGCs listed in Stellarium ) ... Just right of M38 I keep seeing a " big smiley face asterism " , the right eye of which is listed as a Struve double . Beneath this cluster of three clusters is a nearby fourth M35 too ...
  7. What about a Baader Mark IV zoom , Olli ? Mine gets a lot of use in the 200P with double stars . I have an ES 8.8/82 and 18/82 and can`t recommend them enough - in terms of build and performance they are both up there with my best EP , a TV 12 Delos . I don`t understand why you don`t get on with BST though ... no one has a bad word to say about them , even in faster scopes like your 130P .
  8. I have a number of scopes and while they all get used from time to time , my 200P stands out by far as the most used .... as they say on here , your best scope is the one you use the most .
  9. I agree it is unnecessary to collect a full set as 3 or 4 lenses will only ever get any use but totally disagree on the one-upmanship and have seen no evidence of it on SGL at least . A fast scope is an F4.5 Dobsonian or F5 short tubed Refractor A slow scope would be an F12 Mak or long Refractor
  10. Better light transmission , better correction at edge of field , more flat field . However , a lot of people are happy with the performance of BST Starguiders ( myself included ) and stick with them .
  11. I still use Plossls in my F12 127mm Mak - Skywatcher and Televue Plossls . I would recommend BST Starguiders for your Dob though as they are nearly the same price as 50 degree Plossls ( 42 degree at 40 mm ) but BSTs are an extra 10 degress at 60 degrees ?
  12. An adjustable seat sounds like a possible solution - I recently got one of these from eBay and they work very well with my 200P and other Alt-Az tripods
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