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  1. Good link about the causes of diffraction spikes http://www.astronomyhints.com/spider.html

  2. Red Dwarfer

    Mars Dust Storm Could Take Two Months to Subside

    The conditions last night meant that lower powered views were best
  3. Red Dwarfer

    Mars Dust Storm Could Take Two Months to Subside

    Yes and yes - just past the meridian this morning there was a pronounced dark central area at x50 - at x100 it started to have that watery and blurry swimming pool effect .
  4. Red Dwarfer

    Mars Dust Storm Could Take Two Months to Subside

    That second image with the dark patch is close to what I seen last night / this morning in an ED80 at x50
  5. Red Dwarfer

    What did the postman bring?

    My new lens from @Paul73 Thanks , Paul Will hopefully get first light in the Sagittarius star cloud tonight
  6. Red Dwarfer

    Mixed goodie bag of sweets!

    Good report - how do you find the 10mm Delos ? I bought a 12mm Delos from a guy on SGL and hopefully it will come this week ... Just managed a handful of new messiers in Sagittarius last night here : Eagle , Omega nebula and several nice clusters among them
  7. I got a Baader zoom a few weeks ago and it is perfect for the Summer doubles season ... Combined with a 4.8 Nagler for the tighter doubles .
  8. Wait , they had GOTO systems 30 years ago !?! Nice old school refractor by the way
  9. Red Dwarfer

    The Crescent Nebula

    Nice catch ! Tried this one a few times too but so far no luck ... detected the faintest nebulosity once , but looked again and nothing ... maybe try another go at it tonight
  10. Red Dwarfer

    Cepheus and Planets

    Nice report and pics What scope had you out for the doubles ?
  11. Ah , right - maybe I have seen more than 3 after all according to the screen caps - that tight cluster around the planet itself looks a bit like Jupiter`s Moons too , distance wise - will definitely have a closer look / count tonight .
  12. Red Dwarfer

    Saturn to Cepheus.

    Great report and very useful sketches as well - most of my focus on doubles so far this Summer has been in Lyra and Cassiopeia ( think I need a doubles guide book ! ) Iota , Sigma and Eta Cass my favourites ... discovered 61 Cygni for the first time a couple of nights ago too .
  13. I think I`ve counted a grand total of 3 moons so far around Saturn , but not sure how widely to search
  14. Thanks for the heads up - 200P and ED80 left out to cool half an hour ago Mars was a bit of a mess last night , but it was only at 20 degrees elevation at the time Cassini division was clear as a bell though
  15. Red Dwarfer

    Delos 12mm Mint Condition

    PM sent

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