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  1. Both were hard for me to find to begin with , but once found they became instant favourite targets - M27 stands out much better with an OIII or UHC filter
  2. will I see these nebula?

    Update on North America and Veil - I had a quick try earlier tonight with the ED80 and UHC filter on 32mm lens and could see the best nebulosity at the Gulf of Mexico region ( when I say best , I mean only - but at least it`s a start ) ... did try a few times to move upwards to see more of the nebula but that brightest region was the only part visible ... It was the same case with the Veil in the small frac , the upper part had the most nebulosity , the lower part less so and that bit in the middle nowhere to be found ... if the clouds hold off , as they are forecast to do , I will try again tonight with the 130P
  3. will I see these nebula?

    Do you hold a OIII filter or similar over one of the binocular eyepieces to see the nebula ? It's just I've read that the concentration of stars in the nebula are visible to the naked eye in good conditions but to see the nebula you need the appropriate filter - is this your experience as well ? What about low power scopes with low magnification for the NAN - I'm going to try ( for the umpteenth time ) the NAN and Witch's Broom in a 130P Goto tonight with an OIII - and UHC filter if no luck πŸ”­πŸ‘€
  4. Field Flattener for ST80

    Good luck with all of this , Tareq I'm just glad I only do visual astronomy πŸ”­πŸ‘€
  5. Warm beanie hat is best πŸ’‚
  6. Star Walk app ( the first version is free ) is a great guide for your phone and you can adjust the slider on the left to a red screen for night vision πŸ‘‡
  7. I just live auto correct ... It really helps with worms πŸ™‚
  8. Vixen Porta II

    When I googled Vixen Porta II recently there were a couple of YouTube reviews but very little photographs of the mount , so I took these today after assembling the mount that arrived this morning . Initial impressions are it is a great mount that is solidly built and very user friendly ...
  9. I was looking at Andromeda last night too and can get nearby M32 and M110 in the same FOV at 42x magnification - 3 Galaxies all at once πŸ™‚ In relation to sharpness , it is a good idea to focus on a nearby star and when it is tack sharp the Galaxy is as sharp as it's going to get at that location ... the light from M31's core takes 1.5 million years to reach us , pretty mind blowing πŸ€” When I first got the 200P I used the kit finder for about 10 to 15 minutes finding it very difficult to get used to and just tried the red dot finder from my 130P instead and it was much better . I just stick my finger in the finder and rub the dew away every so often and would double check the fuzziness is not a dew problem rather than a focus problem before you start adjusting the finder .
  10. πŸ”­ report 25th September

    Yes and no in relation to Cygnus ... same story again , I can see the inner stars but no nebulosity yet ... That filter can't arrive a moment too soon .
  11. πŸ”­ report 25th September

    I agree ... You're only ever really in competition with yourself . I think faint in averted vision is probably the least to count as a find ... I could see a very faint something when looking for the Pinwheel galaxy the other night then , trying again , nothing there ... Some DSOs are ghosts πŸ‘»
  12. πŸ”­ report 25th September

    I agree on the binoculars point ... It's just a bit annoying when you try to " back it up " in the telescope and it's nowhere to be found πŸ‘
  13. Afternoon all , Equipment used last night was ED80 5,12,25mm BSTs and 10x50 binoculars . There was a lot of new stuff seen for the first time last night and the most memorable was the Trapezium and Orion's Mini-Belt in M42 ... I'd heard people mention the Trapezium on SGL before and had no idea what they were on about so it was good to find out . Several new clusters were the Hyades in Taurus , NGC 752 near Triangulum , M34 in Perseus and the Alpha Persei cluster . There was a certain amount of hit and miss last night , for example , some targets were found in 10x50 binoculars but not visible in the scope : the Eskimo nebula , the Crab nebula , the Rosette nebula and that Diffuse nebula near Omicron Persei - If you can clearly see the inner stars in a nebula but not the actual nebula itself in a scope does that count as a catch - or is a faint fuzzy in binoculars enough ? OIII filter ordered from FLO . Some old favourites were also visited last night , M33 and the Double cluster among them πŸ”­
  14. Star Adventurer Snap Port Issues

    Had the same issue with the SW GOTO mount too - instantly remedied when I realized it came loose when turned too far and the cable became tight and pulled itself partly from socket - just needed to make sure there was plenty of slack with cable .
  15. When I adjusted the presence it took on an Orange colour , so I reduced that in Saturation . Here it is again with Blue added ( saturation and luminance adjusted )