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  1. Red Dwarfer

    Wider FOV eyepiece for Mak

    As an experiment recently I tried a 32 and 40mm Plossl in my SW127 Mak on the Eastern Veil nebula and , though tight , it was definitely visible - had to pan up and down to see it all ... it was almost directly overhead at the time which no doubt helped .
  2. Red Dwarfer

    ANOTHER Perseus Double Cluster

    Thanks for the heads up - I`ve never heard of this duo before . I did briefly visit Perseus tonight , Eta Pers at the top - will have look out for those new ones next time .
  3. Red Dwarfer

    M31 very first attempt

    Excellent ! Plus you got M110 and M32 in too ( 10 and 3 O`Clock )
  4. Very nice selection !
  5. Red Dwarfer

    Explore scientific 2x2 Barlow

    Explore Scientific do Barlows in 1.25 and 2 inch format and neither should need an adapter .
  6. Red Dwarfer

    St 80 star diagonal upgrade.

    Good eyepieces - I have a 5 , 12 and 25mm BST
  7. Red Dwarfer

    St 80 star diagonal upgrade.

    A used WO Dura-Bright or new Sky’s the limit diagonal would do - as pointed out above , you won’t notice a visual improvement , but the build quality will be much better plus the better ones will have a brass compression ring to protect new lenses / keep them looking new .
  8. Just seen Eastern and Western Veil glowing brightly in ST120 with OIII - Pacman nebula also bright tonight ... 

    1. Knighty2112


      Well done! Not easy to see unless your skies are nice and dark. :) 

  9. In that case it will be 100% With my glasses on it's around 60 degree fov So I just take them off to get the full 82 degree
  10. A Dob is definitely the best route - I have an ES 18/82 lens and 8.8mm in that series and highly recommend them , but if you view with glasses on you might find the eye relief a little tight , especially with the 18mm
  11. Red Dwarfer

    What did the postman bring?

    William Optics Alt-Az mount from ENS Optical Waited ages to get one of this type of mount . Looks like it was made for the AZ4 tripod too
  12. Red Dwarfer

    What's Your Favorite Object?

    Favourites at the moment are doubles in Cassiopeia , Cepheus and Lyra
  13. Red Dwarfer

    What's Your Favorite Object?

    Not just Winter - I seen Orion at 4.30 am this morning - Castor and Pollux too
  14. That Baader semi-apo filter is high on my to-do list for an ST 120 - can you recommend them , especially for double stars ? I'm a visual observer only .

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