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Tak on a Windowsill (EQ9 mount)

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In my recent thread on waterjet cutting I mentioned that I needed a quick and dirty AltAz mount to help with setting up my FSQ106ED. Eh voila - he is here! No doubt I will be getting requests from all the major mount manufacturers for details of this revolutionary product - however, the secrets are revealed here for the first time!!

As you can see, a minor height adjustment was required before full operation was possible but after that - yesssss! A view of Dartmoor through a ZWO ASI1600MM. Both cameras working, filter wheel good. Altogether a much happier chappy now.




2018-06-11 07.27.07.jpg

2018-06-11 07.27.41.jpg

2018-06-11 07.30.59.jpg

2018-06-11 07.51.46.jpg

2018-06-11 12.24.22.jpg

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