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  1. hughgilhespie

    A kindred spirit.

    We regret to inform our passengers that following the merger of VeryCrossRail and Non-Arriva all services to Bampton in the Mire are now suspended.
  2. hughgilhespie

    Tell us your sky quality

    Zenith sky brightness information Coordinates SQM 21.73 mag./arc sec2 Brightness 0.220 mcd/m2 Artif. bright. 49.1 μcd/m2 Ratio 0.287 Bortle class 3 Elevation 154 meters Not too bad in North Devon! As well as the Sky Quality I have also done a quick check on the Sky Quantity and as far as I can tell it goes all the way around the house and all the way up too. Happy New Year to all Regards, Hugh
  3. hughgilhespie

    Uk Rack & pinion suppliers

    Hi Rich, There is a reasonably simple ASCOM system that uses a ready-made electronic board and some relays that you have to supply. This is the Lesvedome system. There is a cost for the ASCOM driver software but it's not outrageous - around 60 Euros I think. The system will operate a whole observatory but is readily adapted so that it just does ROR opening and closing. See here for more details http://www.dppobservatory.net/DomeAutomation/DomeDriver.php Regards, Hugh
  4. hughgilhespie

    How do I stop it????

    I find with laptops that taking the battery out is often required to get them running again. For some arcane reason, we are not allowed to have a 'proper' on-off switch on computers and they are permanently set to warm the planet! Regards, Hugh
  5. hughgilhespie

    Remote Imaging Setup Options

    Thanks, that's helpful. I do like the sound of 'one program does it all'. Regards, Hugh
  6. hughgilhespie

    Remote Imaging Setup Options

    Somewhat off topic - I can't really help with your scope/camera choices - but I would love to hear how you get on with Prism. I have been considering swapping from SGP to Prism as it seems to allow more / easier observatory automation, particularly the use of scripts. Regards, Hugh
  7. hughgilhespie

    Sensible dome rotation speed?

    Excellent summary! Have a very pleasant Christmas. Regards, Hugh
  8. hughgilhespie

    Moving Mesu Mystery

    Mesu thinks thou do protest too much!
  9. hughgilhespie

    Sensible dome rotation speed?

    Computer chair? Does that mean your abacus is mounted too close to the ground??
  10. hughgilhespie

    Sensible dome rotation speed?

    Hello, I am your new helper. I am programmed to do all the things that will help you. You can ask me to do anyt h i n gandIwilld. O. I. T. F. O. R At this point the blue smoke detector alarm activated.......
  11. hughgilhespie

    Sensible dome rotation speed?

    Alloy wheels - on your observatory - sacrilege! Your construction is much more Coleridge than Clarkson. Coleridge as in In Xanadu did Kubla Khan A stately pleasure-dome decree: Am I right in assuming that Xanadu is somewhere in Norway?
  12. hughgilhespie

    Sensible dome rotation speed?

    I've had cars like that! I have used these people - good range of wheels but delivery might be a bit pricey? https://www.castors-online.co.uk/acatalog/Trolley_Wheels_Standard_industrial_trolley_wheels_castor_castors_supplier_uk.html
  13. hughgilhespie

    Sensible dome rotation speed?

    Delirious - although that is my normal mental state
  14. hughgilhespie

    Sensible dome rotation speed?

    OK, I give up about the motor. But perhaps a small treadmill................guaranteed smoke free, healthy exercise.........

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