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Lunar snippets 26th March


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With the moon available to do some test shots with my ZWO ASI 120MC fitted for the first time to my Celestron 4SE on the goto mount, I managed a couple of half decent images. Scope wasn’t really cooled down fully, and seeing was a little iffy, so here are two of the best shots I got so far from earlier on about 7:30pm onwards. Couldn’t get focus as good as I could on my 120mm ‘frac, but pretty close I think. 

Mare Crisium area;



Clavious region;


Stacked in Registax, processed in PS.


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3 minutes ago, Sunshine said:

Nice shots! the first looks like it was taken from the window of the lunar lander!

Thanks. :) Yes, it turned out much better than I thought it would do with the wobbly seeing and uncooled scope! 

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