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Zhumell Dobs, anyone use or own one ?

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The Zhumell Dobs are made at the same outfit in China as Skywatcher and various other brand-named ones - like a great many other telescopes out there. In other words - they're very fine instruments. The benefit of the Zhumell one's is they are better outfitted with things you'd likely have to pay extra for after purchase - such as a good 8 X 50mm RACI Finder-Scope (last time I looked). And various other goodies.

Nothing to complain about with the Zhumell named ones. I'm guessing you're finding these at TelescopesPlus, is it? They have the planetary-eyepieces, too by Zhumell. For 1/2 the price as Orion for the same ones.

It's a bargain! And the only complaint I hear is they get bought-out quickly. I don't wonder why!


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Zhumell are actually made by GSO and are the same as the Revelation dobsonians sold in the UK and the Telescope Services (TS) dobsonians sold in Germany. GSO also make the Meade Lightbridge dobsonians and the Zhumell ones will have the same mirrors and mirror cells in them.

GSO and Synta (who make Skywatcher, Celestron and quite a few Orion (USA) scopes are different companies I believe.

Zhumell dobsonians are very popular in the USA and the "Cloudynights" forum is full of posts on them. The brand are rarely seen on this side of the pond though.

I've owned a Meade Lightbridge 12" and a Revelation 8" and they were pretty decent scopes. The collimation springs on the 12" GSO made dobs have a reputation for being a little weak and a common upgrade is to replace these springs with more robust ones.

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Mea Culpa - if they are the same critter and are from GSO - then they're even better! GSO over the last couple years has had a serious improvement of their products - both optical and hardware for scopes, etc.

Last Analysis: If I was looking for a large Dob, I'd be on TelescopePlus' doorstep! I hope they're in stock for you. As I said, they usually sell-out pretty quick.


Dave (it even comes with a laser-collimator!)

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I did quite a lot of research on the Zhummel 12 before I bought my Revelation 12".  Apart from minor accessories they are identical scopes.  I have been thoroughly impressed with my Revelation 12", which was an upgrade from a 220mm Beacon Hill Newtonian.  My mirror seems pretty good (although I've never done a side-by-side comparison to, say, an Orion Optics) and the mechanicals are all sound as well.  I've upgraded mine with handles for the OTA, stiffer springs and a RACI and Telrad, but this is merely tinkering to my taste.  In my view they're great value for money.  It really is astonishing what you can buy nowadays for a relatively modest outlay (and I include SkyWatcher and many other brands in that statement).


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5 hours ago, celestron8g8 said:

I’m thinking maybe sell my Celestron 8”SCT on a eq mount and buying either a 10” or 12” Zhumel if i can sell my Celestron . It might be much easier to maintain and transport. 

While the increase to 10 or 12-inch aperture allows greater light-grasp over your 8", learning Newtonian collimation, if you are not yet familiar with it, will be more difficult than with the SCT, no question. 

Moreover, transporting a solid-tube dob of that size will require an appropriately dimensioned vehicle for that purpose.

I think "easier" is not the word I'd use.


Good luck.


BTW, to the OP: I have the 10" Apertura, and find it "money well spent"

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Thanks for the info David . I'm aware of the size and I drive a pickup with a Super Crew Cab (4-door) so have plenty room in the bed or I can raise the back seats and carry inside . Mainly tho it would be for at home where all I need to do is roll it out to the patio out back . I need to find and see what a 12" looks like tho to see the size . But i'm open to other brands also if they have good mirrors . I like the collapsible SkyWatcher  dobs . Right now the 10" is for sale at BHPhoto for $625.00 . Doesn't sound like a bad idea . But have to sell the Celestron first . 


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