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  1. celestron8g8

    GRS finally 5/25

    Nice capture !
  2. celestron8g8

    Seben cheap telescopes

    Well just so happened that i clicked on his name and it brought up his profile but again being in german I couldn’t read it . But if i was not able to do anything it would have asked me for username and password first but it did not . That is why i suggested he sign out before posting a link . Now that he has signed out i click it and it does ask for password . I just checked .
  3. celestron8g8

    Skywatcher 12 inch Dob ordered!

    Be sure and post a picture soon as you can ! I'd love to see it just be envious !
  4. Very nice captures ! Awesome on the Crescent .
  5. celestron8g8

    Seben cheap telescopes

    I would suggest you signout of amazon when posting your links . I can't read your home language but someone that can might just order stuff under your name and have you pay for their stuff .
  6. I agree , I wouldn't put more money into that 70mm . Wont be worth it but better would be upgrade with others mentioned here . Good choice on the Mak .
  7. celestron8g8

    Skywatcher 12 inch Dob ordered!

    I agree with Neutron Star . That 12" does deserve the 100 deg FOV cause they are going to give you an excellent view . I also understand the budget being careful . That Lunt shows it's only 13mm eye relief and if that's suitable for you . Myself I prefer the largest relief possible cause I have astigmatism . But when I observe I don't wear glasses cause focus takes care of that pretty much for me . I have a Stellarvue 32mm 2" Plossi and that gives me an awesome FOV and eye relief of all my EPs' . The rest of my EPs' are 1.25" but I also have a 32mm, 25mm, 18mm as well as a few higher . But the 2" and the 3 I listed are my best because of eye relief . It will be exciting for you with that 12" reguardless but in the future you might want to save up to get you at least one really good EP 2" with as wide FOV as possible with the best eye relief possible you can afford . You wont regret it once you have . Other than that the only thing i'd add is maybe a 2" or 1.25" OIII filter to go with that . The Veil neb I saw had a 32mm TV EP with a 2" OIII filter . The Veil was beautiful floating out there in space . It blew my mind ! But as I said I know when your on a budget you get the best you can afford and hope for clear skies !! Let us know what you decide .
  8. celestron8g8


    Awesome , thanks for sharing !
  9. celestron8g8

    Skywatcher 12 inch Dob ordered!

    Like all above mentioned ,your in for a lifetime of treats ! I’ve seen jupiter and saturn and the Veil neb in a 12” dob and it still blows my mind compared to my C8 . Get a couple good EPs’ in 2” for some fantastic views guaranteed !!
  10. celestron8g8

    How: Drift Alignment

    I manually P.A. with a EQ CG-5 mount with tracking motors . I was always low budget also . But I bought a IR ( Illuminated Reticle ) double cross hair . For me alignment works the same as the camera in the link above but without my camera . I like to watch and see the star drift and the direction it's going . I'm an old timer , I like this technique cause that's the best way I know how . But you can center your guide star at first then I quickly move the star to the outer edge of the IR with the remote then I adjust the IR lines to center the star in between the lines . You have to loosen the IR in the diagonal to do this . I do this a couple times to assure that when I center the star and then move it to the outside edge of the IR that it stays in between the lines from center to edge . Then I do the drift alignment using the azimuth knobs on the mount . At first the star may drift fast for the first few minutes but it gradually slows down to where drift stays put . But when I do this I move the star out half way from center to edge but still inside the double lines . Usually takes me about 30 minutes for drift align . But I also do the same with alt alignment . that takes about 5 minutes .
  11. Very nice capture . I don't see any blue HH but I do see the Witch Head nebulae bottom right next to Betelgeuse . That's a Nebulae very worth while going after .
  12. celestron8g8

    Saturn 22-5-2018

    Awesome capture !
  13. celestron8g8

    The Ring Nebula

    That’s a great capture! Thanks for sharing .
  14. celestron8g8

    Forget the clouds, satellites are the real problem.....!

    Gosh , that’s ashame so many satellites ! Back about 6 years ago i had an IR go through my 18mm EP one night . I honestly though i was going blind ! It was almost an hour before vision got back to normal . I’ve had many to pass through images in my last 10 yrs of imaging . Sad there is so many now .
  15. celestron8g8

    Jupiter & Io transit 17-5-18

    Great capture ! Thanks for sharing !

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