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  1. This is one thing I highly agree with and always have . Yes imaging is fun but you miss out on a lot of enjoyable viewing unless you divide your time up and give viewing ample time . Images cannot replace actual viewing .
  2. Did you disassemble the lens to clean the fungus out ? I forgot about that fungus cause it gets bad in high humidity areas if not cleaned regularly .
  3. How is the SMC looking ? I’m sure you checked to make sure the coating is solid across the glass . Those are considered a very good lens . I have a 400mm SMC that i have used with my XSi 450D and never had that problem but did have a problem coming to fine infinity focus .
  4. Awesome image capture !! Don’t see TH often these days . Well done !!
  5. I’ve witnessed those way in the past . Your right , a sight never to be forgotten and a treasure to see . I wonder if others are watching the Leonids tonight ??
  6. Do a star trail image of mybe 5-10 minutes cause since you wont see any rotation from Polaris you need to do a WF image to really point it out . This the easiest way to find Polaris . Other than that just remember to use the Big Dipper and small dipper for locating Polaris . https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=3vh25%2fM6&id=ED02937D070185C6E2D38892D3CF480A534DA252&thid=OIP.3vh25_M6v3fD9kUPMJBsMAHaGg&q=polaris+star+map&simid=608003089279353169&selectedIndex=0
  7. Great capture and edit . Did you buy that camera new or used ?
  8. Wow , didn’t know it was that big even in a 14” ? ! Way to go , great capture !
  9. Take some short exposures for the trapezium and stack or do copy/paste to make the center look better . Very nice capture here tho !
  10. Hey at least you got a good image and view . We’ve had clouds and rain or overcast the last 30-45 days at night .
  11. I’ll use either a 1.25” Plossi 32mm or my 2” Plossi 32mm for wider views . For closeups of edges or sunspots i use a 1.25” Plossi 25mm and sometimes with a 2x barlow .
  12. Sorry , I’m not familiar with a Hasselblad . What are they and how much ?
  13. The Canon 400 f/5.6L is one of the best wildlife prime lens that Canon sells and it’s an excellent lens . I gave seen very few images os DSOs’ with this lens and what i have seen is really good but honestly i could use it for astro work but i woukd prefer a good refractor over this lens strictly for astro work . Otherwise I’d take the lens . Main reason is the apeture being f5.6 . A good scope of f6 or faster would be easier to work with and suited better for astro work .
  14. Mirrorless are the thing of the future but as you say too expensive . I saw this one from NIKON a few days ago . It’s a little too expensive also !! https://www.nikonusa.com/en/nikon-products/product/dslr-cameras/1553/d810a.html
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