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  1. celestron8g8

    Bubble Mosaic Ha

    Very nice !!
  2. celestron8g8

    First go at planetary imaging

    I agree , very nice captures for first time !!
  3. celestron8g8

    Jupiter Animation

    Very nice captures and animation !
  4. celestron8g8

    tonight, a qwick saturn 14-7-18

    Very nice , thanks for sharing !
  5. celestron8g8

    Mars Composite Images 13 July

    Great captures !
  6. celestron8g8

    Wandering behind the rings of Saturn II

    Awesome capture !! Best Saturn I’ve seen so far !
  7. celestron8g8

    M20 - Trifid Nebula

    Very well done , great capture ! I remember the one time i observed M20 from very dark skies in my C8 and no filters but it showed very well and to see those veins that cross it were very stunning !
  8. celestron8g8

    The Bubble Neb - Atik v Canon

    Very njce capture , love the b&w version !
  9. celestron8g8

    Dark Wales Bonanza !

    Great report , enjoyed the pictures . That last one has a fantastic view ! Honestly I did not know you had Badgers in Wales ?! That is some mean extreme critter over here in the USA . Only thing meaner is the Wolverine !
  10. celestron8g8

    How to determine best exposure and ISO

    I use to use film alot before digital . It’s hard getting use to settings . I used a Olympic OM-1 but mainly a Pentax K1000 both SLRs’ . For quick shots like meteor showers and landscape at sunset i used Fuji Superior X , 800 SPD . For planets i used Kodak 200 or 400 SPD. I also used Kodak for Nebulae's . Fuji was dominant in green color . Kodak more red dominant . However the film is different now . They quit Kodak film but Fuji still makes some but not as good as back when film was popular . Kodak quit making developing fluids so youll be lucky to find any now . The best slide film i used was Kodak 200 Slide Film . Now for settings use bulb setting for Nebs and Galaxies and Star Clusters . If your piggybacking with a lens and camera depending what film determines the f/stop and timing . For high speed film for meteor showers in dark skies you can go several minutes but you’ll have star trailing which is fine if that’s what your shooting for . If your PB you can go longer if tracking is good with no trailing . But as i said nebs and etc.... , use low SPD like 200 or 400 and up to an hour exposure if very dark skies and tracking . For planets i used 800 SPD with 1-10 secs exposure . My lens was my C8 at prime focus . Scope was f10 so exposures needdd that longer timing . The moon being very big and bright i used shorter exposures , sometimes slow as 1/800th or 1/1000th . With a lens like a 400mm your at the mercy of whatever the f/l is for given lens . All in all it’s trial and error , depending lens used, f/l , film speed and your object of interest . Hope this helps some . Post your picts when you get some . Clear skies !!
  11. celestron8g8

    Horse head HA and starless

    So you need PI to use that software ? I know about PI but never bought it since i use PS CS5 .
  12. celestron8g8

    Off Axis Guider Focusing

    Just out of curiosity , is this being used on a Newt scope ? I ave an older C8 and an older Celestron OAG and I’m glad I didn’t have to worry about the extra spacers or measurements . Just hook up and all set . I see the new Celestron OAG comes with all adapters needed for any setup . What brand are you using ? Looks like a Orion OAG .
  13. celestron8g8

    Horse head HA and starless

    Very neat but very unique being starlesss . How do you do that ?
  14. celestron8g8

    1st Ever Mars Image 09_07_18

    Great capture ! Is that 1800mm like 6 or 7 inch in size ?

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