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  1. celestron8g8


    That’s just pure awesome !!
  2. celestron8g8

    Messier 33

    Very nice sketch , question for you . Just below M33 one of your stars has a tail that looks like a comet . Is that just a smear mistake ? I know there is a comet out there going through at the moment but don't know if this is what you saw or just a smear ?
  3. celestron8g8

    M15 with new scope

    Yep looks good .
  4. celestron8g8

    Visiting the Lagoon...

    Great capture ! Upside-down for me but still very nice !
  5. celestron8g8

    Couldn't resist..

    It will also land you in very deep debt !! Get help now as suggested ! See a doctor and if your married you might see a marriage councelor cause your going to need to know how to explain why you bought astro stuff instead of paying bills . If not married then you need to do credit counceling ASAP !!
  6. celestron8g8

    My first sighting of Saturn & Mars

    Another one bites the dust ... HEs’HOOKED !! I was just as excited when i first saw Saturn back in 96’ in a 14” SCT . Nice report and clear skies to ya !!
  7. celestron8g8

    Show Us Your Dob.....

    This is a great Dob which just as i was getting ready to buy one Celestron quit production on them and what was left on the market sold like pancakes ! Since then i have not as much as seen on for sale new or used anywhere ! Now at the moment i cant afford one and I’m in the process of retiring from most astro work except keeping up with what’s going on here .
  8. celestron8g8

    A deep M13 (up to mag 23.0 background galaxies)

    Super capture with the companion in the frame also ! Nice !
  9. celestron8g8

    What's Your Favorite Object?

    Yeah I forgot about M11 the Duck , that's a fantastic OC with beautiful stars . Another nice one is M41 below the star Sirius .
  10. How old is your Sigma lens ? I have an older version Sigma 135-400 APO lens and it has terrible lens creep so i never use it for astroimaging . Also Sigma lens use to have reputation of being a somewhat soft focus which is also my lens problem . I bought it for astro and wildlife imaging but got big dissappointments . So if your going to astroimage i suggest either a different lens , using a creep band on big lens 400mm and larger or even better use a prime telephoto lens or best use a refractor of equivelant needs .
  11. celestron8g8

    Ring Nebula with ST80

    Congratulations on the seeing M57 . Is the ST80 an Achromatic refractor ? How are the optics at handling CA or is there a filter used for the CA ?
  12. Great captures !
  13. celestron8g8

    How did Earths Moon come to be?

    I should just pass on but reading so many replies i'll make this post but no more . I'm not educated pass H.S. , but I've heard so many thoughts and answers over my lifetime and i'm one that doesn't believe in the Big Bang theory and that's why I won't continue to post but I will leave a couple questions and read what anyone post but I won't reply , sorry . Don't want to get in trouble . But honestly I know about magnetic fields how they draw objects to them but always with no shape or perfect form . I also know that all planets have perfect round form as seen in space as earth does seen from the moon or anywhere else in space but also we see those planets and the sun in telescopes and what we see and project are perfectly round . Other than planets every object in space is without perfect form or shape except stars which we take for granted are like our sun at a distance which our sun we know is round so we take it that stars are also round but since we have no magnification strong enough to get as close to a star as we are to our sun we really don't have perfect proof that stars are round . Now if i'm wrong please feel free to set me right with proof . Don't worry , i'll not get upset at all , just curious as to what you think and proof . Now that I got that out of the way let me mention this and then i'll ask my main question . We know asteroids , comets and other objects in space they are traveling through space none are perfectly round , at least all pictures I have seen taken by the Hubble or other telescopes that are on the web none are round , all are odd shaped with no form . Now we all know also that here on earth if you take any object on earth and blow it up , it shatters into many large and small pieces but none of those pieces have shape or form or related sizes . QUESTIONS : If there was such a thing as the Big Bang and matter as we know it was shattered and spread through out the Universe as we know it , How was that matter created to start with and the energy that caused it to created the Big Bang ?? Second is if there was a Big Bang and matter as we know it was scattered all over the Universe as we know it different sizes , different shapes with no form , WHAT caused just certain matter to become formed and shaped as a round ball as we know here on earth ?? WHY didn't every single piece of that beginning matter take perfect shape and form as a round ball also ?? I know some answers would be because with so much matter being projected from a source of center which in my mind would have to be magnified gravity to hold it together to start with , as matter traveled through out space ran into each other but how do you know that for sure and why did only some matter take perfect shape and form into round like balls which we know as our Sun , Earth , Moon and other planets in the Solar System ?? Why didn't every piece of matter shape perfectly round ?? Remember i'm not posting this to make anyone upset or angry at me and I don't want to cause a problem and that's why i'll read any replies but to not cause problems forgive me but I bow out to reply .
  14. celestron8g8

    Planetary Vs Deep Sky - which and why?

    Seeing Saturn was the first planet i saw before i started stargazing and it was a 14” Celestron SCT at McDonalds Observatory in Ft.Davis Texas. . That got me hooked for good . I loved the planets and seeing the moon were my first and best until i got hooked on GCs’ . I didnt have a neb filter but as i got deeper M42 was great but seeing the ring neb was a blast then i saw M31 which was great but seeing M65&66 together just added to it all ! To really choose is hard but i know GCs’ really steal the night when several are available in view ! However certain double stars are a sight to see also , that maybe why i favor GCs’ more . But choosing my most favorite ......, no can do .
  15. celestron8g8

    Canon Lens/Mount shims?

    Take a sparkplug feeler guage and use that to find out exactly what your measurements are you need . This type works best cause you can add or take away for adjustments . Then you could get one shim that fits or have one made .

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