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  1. Nice presentation ! I had an image of Mercury crossing the sun and had it framed on gloss paper . What i wish i had done is done a Canvas Wrap Around . Would have been much more better at presentation without any glare or reflections .
  2. I've used the same technique in the first video attaching to a refractor but the 2" PF Adapter also allows you to use with a 2" diagonal if that's what you have on your refractor . It keeps you from having to bend down to see the screen for liveview or looking through the camera viewer . I also use the same adapter with a 2" diagonal for my SCT 8" Celestron . When i use an EP i use a Tele-Extender on the SCT without the diagonal . The 2" PF Adapter is a fantastic piece of equipment used for imaging !
  3. The 40D is an older camera . If you can get a 450D that would be best to go with .
  4. This link leads you to Canons DSLR line . Starts with highest price down to cheapest and in that order camera numbers listed . https://www.usa.canon.com/internet/portal/us/home/products/list/cameras/eos-dslr-and-mirrorless-cameras/dslr/eos-dslr-cameras
  5. Excellent captures ! Haven’t seen good closeups in awhile .
  6. Yep technology is ruining astronomy . In 10 years you won’t be able to image without satellite streaks through your image .
  7. Wow that’s a great looking scope and really like your mounts too ! If it wasn’t for retiring that would be on my list for a refractor ! What mount is that in the first image ?
  8. I have an Xsi 450D and if i image CGs’ i will use 1600 ISO always cause I’m using a C8 , f/10 . I need at least 10-50 good 2 min exposures or at least 5 good exposures at 5 mins . Then maybe 1/2 dozen dark frames . Trick is the more you stack the less noise you’ll have . 60x2 min exposures and 20 darks will practically illiminate most or all noise .
  9. If you only notice movement in the EP when you touch the rig at all then yes that would be normal just looking in the EP . But if you notice it while repositioning the scope or unlocking the axes then it’s a concern .
  10. I've thought about getting some 25x100s' but out of my pocket right now . But hard to decide which brands really give me a bang for the buck !
  11. Nice capture ! Color does seem to lean a bit towards aqua but I’m looking from my iphone 11 so on a big screen perhaps it’s not so much .
  12. On my EQ5 when i balance i do one axes at a time . If i add anything extra i will re balance to make sure it’s good to go . But when all is properly balanced if you release both axes same time you probably will have slight movement especially if it’s top heavy . Having proper balanced makes it easy on the gears while tracking so binding is either none or minimum . Also makes it easy on the motors however I’m sure you already know that . But it’s always good practice to have a good hold on the scope so that when you do release the axes you don’t have any unexpected swing in either axes. As far as wobble what part is wobbling , the OTA or the mount ? Either way I’d find whats causing the wobble and fix it . IMHO the only wobble acceptable would be from wind or touching .
  13. Sounds like a wonderful time ! I have some Celestron 15x70s’ and i really like the view they give me . Two clusters i always hunt for are M3 and M11 . Did you by chance see those also Or were they down under for you right now ?
  14. Looks really good , nice capture and edit !
  15. Thanks foe sharing the video . I know it can mess up an image but those are somethjng to see .
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