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  1. If you should ever hear of any, elsewhere, do give me a ring.
  2. 10x50s at scope-side can be very helpful, not to mention great for observing in their own right.
  3. Pity you were not using a Pentax tripod adapter as they have a threaded hole to store the cap when removed from the binocular. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/321675-REG/Pentax_69554_TP_3_Tripod_Adapter_f.html
  4. I just gotta have the power! And, at f/7 the prism diagonal seemed the right addition. Pocket Borg 25mm f/7
  5. Wish the 11mm Type-6 could still be had new. Al says it ain't happening, alas.
  6. Hmm, solving the world's problems is not my department.
  7. My thinking is that AFOVs in that range would be your own ultra-wide ep set in one of those large aperture 45° or 90° monsters such as Markus Ludes has on his site. Not sure if you wouldn't get some vignetting, even then. Good luck. https://www.apm-telescopes.de/en/binoculars/giant-binoculars-100mm-aperture-more.html
  8. Just about moving, almost, maybe. Today, the US Postal Service delivered my January issue of Sky & Telescope magazine. Normally, would have arrived ~25 November.
  9. This happy group arrived today. GSO RACI finder for my C-8, TV diagonal because I needed a more robust clamping device for my binoviewer, ES 4.5 to go along with a small ep set for a short f/l 90mm refractor.
  10. WO has styling in spades, I've always enjoyed the aesthetic appeal of their products.
  11. Four-of-a-kind, I'd suggest. A great hand, in any case.
  12. I like baked beans, on occasion, but I'm having trouble here....
  13. Just delivered Wednesday. I generally binocular observe with 10x because I like going deeper than a 7x or 8x will allow, but sometimes recognizing starfields when searching for the quarry in my dim light polluted backyard sky can be troublesome with their narrower field. Some recent reviews on Kowa's 6.5x32 prompted me to try the 10° field they offer. Used them last night under clear, but windy conditions, my 10x50s alongside, and I am sufficiently impressed enough that the Kowas will be with me for any observing session. I think of the 6.5s as a "finder" for any higher mag pair I'm
  14. Nice! At least you can get one. I've been searching in vain for a 6x30 RACI finder for the past week, or so.
  15. This evening's transparency was better than yesterday's, but Saturn failed to reveal itself through the skyglow before the ridgeline interfered, alas, so it was a one-shot deal for me.
  16. I live fairly close to some low mountains (2500' ASL), so that Mercury dropped below my local horizon just 15 minutes after official sunset, which means the sky was quite bright when I first spied Jupiter through my 82mm spotting scope. I quickly scanned downward to locate Mercury just above the ridgeline, then hoped Saturn would swim into view before Mercury set. It did. I was able to see all three in my 20x wide-angle ep at the same time for a minute or so. Mercury will be higher tomorrow.
  17. I'd say you're about to go down the rabbit hole!
  18. I do no imaging, so my perspective comes from that point. I own refractors, dobs, SCTs, and one Mak (6-inch). I like using them all, and do, on different occasions. Each type has its own charm and utility. Best view of Jupiter I ever had was through my C-Nine-Two-Five.
  19. "niggles"? Could you translate that from english into english, please? Thank you.
  20. I've seen heat plumes in my C-Nine-Two-Five, but nothing quite like yours. Curious.
  21. Love my Vessel JIS drivers, too. If fact, yesterday I ordered a set of their Tang-Thru/Demolition models for the garage toolbox.
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