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  1. Welcome and clear skies!
  2. I love my 10" Zhumell. Can't beat the price and the views are great. However, it is big and somewhat awkward.
  3. I have a 10" Zhumell Dobsonian and it is difficult to move the tube around because there aren't any handholds. Has anyone found a work around? Perhaps someone there knows of something I can buy or create? Currently I hold it by both ends and pray to the astronomy gods I can get out of the door without incident. - Thanks
  4. Heading from Virginia to South Carolina. Leaving a couple of days early to avoid the potential gridlock. Hoping for great weather!
  5. I've used their 10" dob for a few years and have been very pleased.
  6. Hi, I am very pleased to join this group. I've been interested in astronomy and the night sky for many years. I am currently using a 10" Dob. I am every excited about an appointment I have later this month to visit the local astronomy store to try on a new telescope!
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