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luna day X + V 3-5-17 14.00ish


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50/50 cloud here thisafternoon, seeing not bad, caught the X and V again, didn't notice when taking my shots.

kit AR127L, 1200d for full, asi120mc for close up.

thanks for looking , clear skys, charl. 







closer mono.


X and V


cloud invasion , single artistic frame.


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added pic
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Might just be me but I really like the moon with a blue sky background. Less austere and sterile somehow.

Nice shots as well. Can you explain what the X and V significance is (sorry n00b question)?

Actually don't worry, got off my metaphorical online backside:



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thanks Yearofthegoat, day moons are my Fav too, 80% of my moon image collection are day ones, I like the challenge. you would be surprise how many people don't know you can see the moon in the day, some just never look up. clear skys, charl.

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Nice one mate.

You're right people just don't look up. I was setting up one afternoon for a spot of lunar when my neighbour came out and said "that's a bit early". I just pointed to the easily visible moon and the look on his face told me he had never noticed it in daylight before.

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That's hilarious!

IIRC the first light from my Heritage Mak90 was a day moon. New kit excitement and couldn't wait for night time.

A bit OT but watched 'The Moon' on the iPlayer the other night. It's 11 years old now and has footage of then US President George Bush promising a manned return to the Moon. How things have changed...!

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thanks Alan, I can belive it mate, I don't know how people miss it after sol its the biggist thing in the sky. hope you have some clear, its looking good here for a look at Jupiter in a bit, that will make a hatrick for me today. charl.

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