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Not sure: http://www.ccas.ws/iaac.html

Half the reason I am not sure is that I get light yellow text on a white background, sort of painful to read. So I gave up trying to read and just give this link.

Do you know where the original was hosted? Just I have seen many lists and catalogues disappear usually after someone has left a university and a system admin has cleared out "stuff" to make a bit more space. One of the best sets of telescope catalogues disappeared one day. And I site I used to visit has done similar. Even here things go Astro-Baby's HEQ5 stripdown has sort of gone. Digital information does not last long it would seem.

At a guess and a search I suspect that the person responsible "lewkaren" no longer maintains the cost on the server "www.tiac.net" and so it has ceased, and/or tiac.net has ceased as you get directed to Earthlink.net now. lewkaren's meteor stuff appears to have gone as well. They may have taken a copy but no idea where or if it is hosted elsewhere.

My guess is it has become Earthlink and the cost has increased accordingly.

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