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Hi  I'm running Astrotortilla with CDC & BYeos, i slew to target,  click to solve  it then says simplexy 199 items  then after a short time it says not solved after 45secs , what am i missing to get this to solve, i have also reinstalled the astroindex files to no avail.

thanks in advance

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There is a bug in BYEOS when it interfaces with Astrotorilla in that the it used the image - 1. So try it again after the first fails. This assumes you have got your settings right and also as the  above tutorial will point out you may need to remove some of the catalogs otherwise it will have to work more which takes longer. Rspecially if you have installed the 4gb catalgues. I normally get it solved within 30s - but i  have found some don't solve.  

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managed to get it going by loading another file with larger scalemin & scalemax happy days but it takes about 2mins to solve after it's recentred

is there any way that i can get the time lower

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