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  1. just use this from M/S https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads
  2. Could be one of :- 1. Installing 64bit on 32bit - though the installer shouldn't do that. 2. Installing Intel version on some AMD PC's which dont support X86 code - very rare! 3. Missing dependencies - usually M/S stuff - again any decent installer should check but the ones installed maybe too new ! e.g. VC++redist Required 4. Corrupt installation - try uninstalling and download new copy to install. At a guess (3) would be the best bet.
  3. Exactly its not a major problem - 3yrs and still going with no cracks or any other major problem. Its a tried and tested route But if you are OCD about such problems there is plenty of info (been trying to find the orig I read which I think was from Cloudynights) on "Dry Sand filling tubes" etc !
  4. Change the password on the RPI of your home Wifi so that it is incorrect - then reboot. To allow home Wifi just change the password again to the correct one! Note you will need to be attached via Ethernet or have a KB/Mouse/Screen attached. OR buy a cheap Wifi extender which is attached via ethernet to your home network but give it another name like "RPIWifi" - you will still have Internet etc as it should ,depending on your home router, get IP addresses etc from the DHCP server (thing that gives all devices IP addresses). Connect the RPI to this instead of your home wifi. Then all you have to do is switch off the extebder when you want the HOTSPOT to appear. - Cost about £15. No changing anything on your RPI. IMHO I never use Home Wifi with RPI - Ethernet never fails (well 99% time) , is faster (1gb full duplex and even on the RPI not drop off), no time lags (all Wifi has this even 5ghz). Yep HOTSPOT for "in the field" fine! But whatever "floats your boat"!
  5. Grub/Ubuntu will automatically create a dual O/S if there is enough disc room (or just install a new bigger SSD and keep the Windows SSD for selling) - this will leave Windows and create an Ubuntu O/S which when you boot up will give the option of which o/s/ to boot into. After that its just normal Kstars/Ekos install - you cannot use Astroberry thats for RPI only
  6. Its not as simple as the link below suggests - if you dont ever reach max CPU load then you wouldn't need a heat sink else the PI will throttle back to save long term damage. P.S. There is some evidence to suggest metal case do seem to limit WiFi effeciency! https://www.martinrowan.co.uk/2019/08/wifi-signal-strength-with-raspberry-pi-4-cases/ https://www.cnx-software.com/2019/06/27/raspberry-pi-4-benchmarks-heatsink-edition/
  7. I use Platesolving on a RPI3B+ using SD card no SSD and it solves very quickly (<8secs 90% of the time) - that was the old offline Astrometry not ASTAP (which normally faster) so I suspect you have some settings wrong (you cannot use the same settings on Platesolving every night IMO even on Windows based Platesolvers as it depends on the "seeing" or your Slew's are not very good. If using the "older" offline Astrometry make sure that your Index's are correct for your FOV and change the setting that selects the number of stars to around 400-500 - too many does have a negative effect on the time. The newer versions of EKOS doea do some auto settings but I still prefer doing it manually. ASTAP does use the STD Astrometry Index's but there are settings which you can "play" with (still via ASTAP main GUI I think) to improve speed. At worst send your image off to Han and see what he says he is normally very helpful! Also if not using SSD is your SD card a good quality "real" item giving AVG read 98m/s(write is much slower!) - Real Sandisk's or Samsung top of the range have worked very well for me for a number of years. examples https://www.picstop.co.uk/microsd-sdhc/sandisk-ultra-micro-sdhc-memory-card-98mbs-class-10-for-android-32gb.html https://www.picstop.co.uk/microsd-sdhc/samsung-evo-plus-micro-sd-uhs-i-card-with-adapter-32gb.html Also are you cooling the RPI4 enough as CPU intensive operations will be throttled back if you are overheating.
  8. You getting more like my wife everyday - scary -She annoy's me too LOL - ouch only joking dear ! EAA - simple I want to see the Sky and I dont have years to wait (or many clear skies ) doing pictures that justify the effort of hours upon hours of collecting data - even though I do like looking at them and appreciate how much skill and effort goes into them. Same as fishing I would rather catch 1 fish than sit for days waiting for the "big un". Everyone to their own
  9. Nope Raspian is fine and so is Astroberry Mate,on RPI4, still behind the curve especially for the non tech users
  10. So I presume is Raspbian 64bit support else pointless .
  11. I use an older Gigabyte Brix (Linux Ubuntu and Wim 10) 8gb mem SSD - Will walk your Canon 600d mount ascom phd2 etc - as it has a USB2 interface so wont be able to used the extra download speed unfortunately. The only "bug" I found with my model was the "awake on Lan" kept kicking in after I had powered off (bios change) and the Power Input is non Std 2.5mm connector plus it was 19V. Other than that used it for over 1yr no problem (famous last words and touching my wooden head!) - well made bit of kit. Enjoy Clear skies.
  12. Still suspect your Indi settings but if you are using CDC/CCDCIEL and think there is a problem (I assume you are using the Park Script in CCDCIEL) please contact Patrick Chevalley (or maybe he will answer on SGL) on the CCDCIEL forum he is always happy to help - https://groups.io/g/ccdciel/topics. - Plus note what to do if the settings are corrupt (taken from Indi's EQMOD driver) - basically the same as Radek said. UTC: UTC time and offsets must be set for proper operation of the driver upon connection. The UTC offset is in hours. East is positive and west is negative. Location: Latitude and Longitude must be set for proper operation of the driver upon connection. The longitude range is 0 to 360 degrees increasing eastward from Greenwich. Parking Position: Upon connection to the mount, Ekos loads these values into the mount's motor controller to initialize the (stepper) motor step values. The default values represent the home position where the mount points to the celestial pole - i.e. 0 deg RA, 90 deg DEC. Parking: To set the parking position of the mount to the home position, click “Default”, then "Write Data " - this saves the home values as the parking values. To set the parking position of the mount to a custom position, slew the mount to the desired position and click “Current”, then "Write Data " - this saves the current motor step values as the parking values. IMPORTANT: For the first time Ekos connects to the mount, or if for any reason the parking position has become incorrect. Make sure the mount is in the home position, power up the mount, connect Ekos and set the parking position to home by clicking “Default”, then "Write Data ".
  13. Yes you can even run just CCDCIEL on Windows and a headless super fast (as no GUI required) RPI and use both Indi AND Ascom at the same time subject to certain limitations. Platesolving on faster PC's (even Linux) can be as low as 3-4 secs. You still use Astroberry's "panels" via the web browser and to start Indiserver but no need for NOVNC. IMHO CCDCIEL is far simpler to use (written by author of CDC) than EKOS with Kstars and the sequencer is rock solid. But it is down to personal tastes We just have so many now days with Ascom and Indi
  14. Glad to hear - it is always suggested to get Index's either side of the quoted ones just to be on the safe side. Just depends on your FOV as some are massive (GB's) and will slow things down. Clear Skies and Happy Plate solving All you have to dp know is use ATASP and get sub 4s platesolving!
  15. unfortunately not on RPI4 until now - Still had to boot from SD and run the system from SSD
  16. Had this with Indi DSLR/Gphoto (Canon) many times - I just removed the battery and then switch off camera AND then reboot RPI. It was caused by 2 settings in my Canon 100d - one was NVR(and any other noise reduction settings in my 100d) which Gphoto2 (which indi uses) does(didn't) handle and Mirror Lock(Indi End) if I remember correctly. Now it vary rarely happens Dont know your camera but my 100d doesn't have an internal battery as I know of that effects the problems you have experienced - but you live and learn Plus recheck your Indi Camera details especially the Res,H & W and UM figures - I did have a corrupted datanase valie but I beleive now days there is a "clear" button for DSLR so you have to enter the DSLR details again. Last option download Free Windows APT connect to camera and see if that clears your problem.
  17. 1. There is/was a setting to do a refresh only every XXXX secs - why need to do more than 1 I will never know - any how setting this will get the fix and time from your phone then disconnect phone. 2. Display location file details you changed - if its in the wrong format or hasn't been saved it will revert to Warsaw. 3. Still problems put in a error report on Astroberry GITHUB with all details - debug/logs/screen print etc anything that might help.
  18. Just how it is Radek As the saying goes in UK "Rome wasn't built in a day"
  19. minr always starts from the south. You cannot change anything like starts from North etc as Indi or Ekos ignores. So I just got used to starting south at the horizon - no big deal on the SWAZ goto
  20. Unfortunately thats doesn't work with SW AZ GoTo - there is no "Write Data" in Ekos or Indi Settings that I could see under any tabs - Clear yes,Park -yes,Unpark Yes, Park North (never works) Unpark Northe,east,west etc - never works. Also on a SWAZ Goto if you try anything like the above YOU WILL CRASH INTO LEGS as it just goes around and around and around like a merry go round - So I suggest do it as a test with your kit BUT be close at hand .
  21. And I have 1 hairless pink Chiwawa that eats Rottweilers(all 10) for breakfeast - Police trained or not - and then spits out the bones to make an Astroberry Focuser. Also its a trained thief and has a nick name - "The Pink Panther" LOL
  22. Blame the Multitude of ways in which lat/long are being used/represented by different software. Think Kstars uses degree's from east(or is it west) so it uses 0-359 not the DD:MM:SS or DD.DD. So subtracting 2.xxxx from 360 you get 357.xxxxx Not saying there is not error just I found it confusing too originally.
  23. Your Phone if it has a GPS or Ublox 7/8
  24. Anyways its the Sound Man ,Not Rory (LOL) ,who makes the video great to watch - just like in the movies - watch Jaws without the music and its not scary at all - honest
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