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  1. John78

    Lodestar, Lodestar X2, CoStar

    Maybe, the active area of both sensors are very close - the QHY is 6.66mm x 5.32mm and the X2 is 6.4mm (Horizontal) x 4.75mm (Vertical), you just need to bin to get the same sized photosites if that's what you desire. Even the QHY5-II is so ridiculously sensitive I cant believe it would cause an issue and if it does you can move up to the next sensors referenced which in every respect blows the X2 out of the water.
  2. John78

    Lodestar, Lodestar X2, CoStar

    Well the sensor in the costar is the same as in the almost ancient qhy5-ii at half the price and a driver that probably works. The peak QE on the X2 is 77% vs 56% from the QHY5-II, but it has 3x more pixels than the lode. However some of the other sensors found in the budget end of CMOS - QHY5L-II is 74%, an ASI224 is 75% and the next level up in 174's and 290's are up nearly 80% - so yes - caught up and surpassed in cost, quality, performance and megapixels.
  3. John78

    One for any electronics experts

    Correct the 12v version includes the right resistor embedded in the package, they're especially useful on boards where space is constrained.
  4. John78

    One for any electronics experts

    How about considering RS number 228-5607, its a whole 20p, but, its 12v. https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/visible-leds/2285607/
  5. John78

    Baader MPC MK3 spacing

    Oh yes I see - so the easiest option is get a T2 camera adapter and simply screw the CC into that with a spacer as required, or 3d print up some M48 spacers. There a few UK sellers on a well known auction site selling the EOS T-rings for less than £6.
  6. John78

    Baader MPC MK3 spacing

    https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/baader-t2-delrin-spacer-ring-set.html I believe you need 55mm + 1/3 of the thickness of any filters in the optical path between the coma corrector and camera.
  7. John78

    RS232 to WIFI

    The mount needs TTL serial, FLO website says use a lynx eqdir which is usb -> serial, there's no reason you can't use a nodemcu or any of the esp8266 iot things to go wifi -> serial instead. I deployed exactly this to send serial from an AIS reciever to a navigation computer on a boat via wifi. Yes you need to program the nodemcu, there are loads of tutorials around to do it - just search wifi serial bridge esp8266 or nodemcu. I seem to remember the only issuette I had was windows didnt enumerate the serial port to a number that was nice to use - like 23 or something and it needed to be 1 - 8.
  8. John78

    RS232 to WIFI

    This does exactly what you are wanting to do, effectively send serial over wifi and output that serial to the mount. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UK-NodeMcu-Development-Board-ESP8266-12E-WIFI-CH340-v3-USB-ESP12-ESP-12/263894490456?hash=item3d71565d58:g:VsMAAOSwkY9bfibJ:rk:3:pf:0
  9. John78

    One for any electronics experts

    For some things there is a MOQ filter, but it doesn't seem to be there for the LEDs - so you just need to order by price and scan down the MOQ column find the cheapest realistic option - bit frustrating in this day and age.
  10. John78

    One for any electronics experts

    RS is free delivery on everything, can get them for like 12p each if you buy 5.
  11. John78

    NGC 6888 - H-alpha/OIII bicolour

    PSP - thats a blast from the distant past! Gimp is very good open source PS clone and the latest versions handle 64bit depth FITS files and 32bit RGB's, most photoshop tutorials are directly translatable.
  12. Bent alt bolt is likely the cause of that one as you turn it you get a sinusoidal closer and further away from PA, but never on the money?
  13. Can you post a single frame? What were the gain and offset settings you used in Sharpcap, or you can post up the CameraSettings.txt from the folder the subs were saved in.
  14. John78

    Those EQ5 Steppers

    Few mm off the body of the mount to get them clear - worth it because I had the pulleys already in my bits box, I didn't specifically choose them for increased resolution.
  15. John78

    Those EQ5 Steppers

    Its 52T its too big to fit so required some adjustments with a dremel tool to get it clear of the mount.

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