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  1. Perfect conditions up here in Scotland tonight. Been a long time since the weather played ball. Going for Iris nebula tonight if my battery holds out
  2. Thanks for the reply graham and posting your ha image. My image consists of 90 mins luminance and 40mins in r,g and b
  3. Here is my rendition of M42 - My second attempt at this with but with my CCD. First attempt being with a DSLR. I am happy with my LRGB image but would like to ask if it would be worthwhile gathering Ha data ? Would it add more detail to the dusty background? Thanks for looking Mike
  4. Did the shading do the trick with the light Jock ?
  5. An LED was put up at the top of my street recently with light spill into my garden affecting my astrophotography attempts. Contacted Fife Council Lighting department who replied promptly and have put in a work order to tilt the light in an attempt to help. I must say I am very impressed by their consideration and hopefully it will help things (alas not going to help improve my photography skills though ? ) Has anyone else had luck with their lighting departments?
  6. This is my first attempt at Bicolour using my O111 and Ha Baader filters. Managed 1 hour of each calibrated with flats. Quite surprised how little O111 signal there was but was also imaging in some moonlight. Used Bicolour technique described in Steve Richards' book. Unfortunately the framing was not too good but next task is to attempt a mosaic which would hopefully allow me to image more than bits of large nebulae. Quite happy with the outcome but criticism would be most welcome and helpful Thanks for looking Mike
  7. Looking good. Very well framed > Those diffraction spikes give a very festive appearance
  8. MikeCM

    M31 LRGB

    Thanks Jarvo. Used Williams optic gt 81 with Atik 460 on avx mount
  9. MikeCM

    M31 LRGB

    Thank you for your kind comment pankaj
  10. I managed to image my second galaxy using LRGB ( Previous attempt at M33) Quite a task under our fickle Scottish skies recently ! Luminance 300 x 9 Red,Green and Blue 45 mins in total each. Unfortunately forgot to turn on camera cooler and did not use darks so spent quite a bit of time taking out hot pixels. Quite happy with result Criticism welcome
  11. Thanks for the reply Olly I did notice that the red channel was misaligned but was not sure why. I'll try what you suggest and see if I can get things aligned better. I am only just getting to grips with astroart having used deep sky stacker previously ?
  12. Love the blue cascade of dust
  13. Hi all, This is my first attempt at getting image of M33. Managed to get 12 x 300s luminance along with 10 x 300s R , 6 x 300s G and 5 x300s B before the clouds rolled in as always seems to happen. Quite happy that managed to get subs to complete a full image as well as using flats but know it needs more data. Tried stacking in astroart 6 which worked well but gradient removal did not seem to do the trick. Had quite a problem with the colour balance but would appreciate comments/criticisms. Cheers Mike
  14. Hi Ronan Enjoy your scope/observing. There is alot of useful information and advice on this forum which I am sure will enhance your enjoyment of this hobby
  15. MikeCM


    Nice image of the cluster gonzostar. Your stars look egg shaped particularly on the L side of the image. Were you using a focal reducer? If so could be due to the spacing.If not then not sure why The color mottle may be helped by dithering - certainly helps when I use a DSLR
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