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  1. MikeCM

    Hi from Dundee, Scotland

    Hi Ronan Enjoy your scope/observing. There is alot of useful information and advice on this forum which I am sure will enhance your enjoyment of this hobby
  2. MikeCM


    Nice image of the cluster gonzostar. Your stars look egg shaped particularly on the L side of the image. Were you using a focal reducer? If so could be due to the spacing.If not then not sure why The color mottle may be helped by dithering - certainly helps when I use a DSLR
  3. MikeCM

    M45 1 year on

    Thanks Ruud. Hopefully as my processing improves I can defuzz my stars.
  4. MikeCM

    M45 1 year on

    Managed to image M45 again this year with 2 hours of luminance in 5 min subs and 30 mins each RGB in 3 min subs. Quite pleased with the progress in my processing - No more purple nebulosity like last year when I got my CCD and filters from santa. Got Steve Richards book for my Christmas this year and I am certainly finding work at the computer with my images more rewarding. One of the problems I see is the blue halo around the bright stars - Is this normal and expected?
  5. My second attempt at an HaRGB image - 60 mins RGB in 5 min subs and 120 mins Ha in 10 min subs. Quite happy with the outcome. Processed RGB images separately by stretching before combining them. Not sure if this has caused stars to be a bit too colourful. Is it better to process after combining images or do people process before?
  6. MikeCM

    IC 1396 Elephant trunk nebula

    Sorry my signature with details seems to have disappeared I use an avx mount with wo gt81 scope and atik 460 ccd camera
  7. At long last the sky stayed clear enough for me to obtain 3 hours of data in 10 min subs of the elephant trunk nebula. The only option was to use my HA filter as this image was taken at full moon.This is the longest period of continuous time I have been able to image without guiding playing up or running into any other problems e.g. the dog getting caught up in the cables to my mount and cameras. I'm still very much wet behind the ears when it comes to this imaging lark but I feel I am slowly progressing. I had a lot of problems controlling the stars in processing this image and any advise or comments would be much appreciated. I'm hoping to get an O111 filter so there is the chance of bicolour imaging as long as the sky behaves and there are no other pet related incidents.
  8. MikeCM

    16 " Open Truss Dobsonian Build

    Just picked up on your thread Jim. So this is the telescope Euan has been telling me about - Looking pretty impressive so far and look forward to seeing pictures of the final article. Regards Mike
  9. MikeCM

    FOV calc vs captured image

    Hi Sonneyboy If you put the core in the centre of your frame and give it a stretch in processing I think you will find that M31 does indeed fill the frame of your chip. There is alot of M31 extending away from the core. Regards Mike (What Olly said - posted at same time)
  10. I would start with star clusters e.g. Owl closer as well as globulars.Nice and bright and do not need much exposure time. There is always M45 later in the year which will allow you to get some nebulosity as well.I use an AVX mount which I have had for several years since getting into imaging and am very happy with the results I obtain although I am guiding.
  11. file:///Users/michaelmitchell/Desktop/M42%20Cropped.jpg Managed to get 1 hour of 10 min subs in H-alpha which I was quite happy with - my first imaging session of the year thanks to light nights and cloud up here in Scotland. Initially had problems with dark haloes around stars that I think I have managed to sort out. I intend to add to this and I must say I like the monochrome here. Is it worthwhile adding LRGB or do you think I should push on gathering H-alpha as the atrocious weather allows ? Any criticisms re image very welcome.
  12. Managed 10 x 600s in H-alpha after Summer break up in the North here. Quite happy with the result as I have never managed 10 min subs before and this is only the 2nd time I have used my H-alpha filter. My gripe is that I am having a great deal of difficulty stopping dark halos around the stars during processing after stretching. This is despite trying a star mask. I would be grateful for any pointers.
  13. MikeCM

    How to start? Color or mono

    I have not been using a mono CCD for long but it is surprising how good an image can be obtained by limited LRGB subs. With time I will be able to add further data to my image year on year and so allowing the image to be improved with time. I always take the long term view.
  14. MikeCM


    Thanks Peter and Mick for the comments. Always much appreciated by a novice
  15. MikeCM


    First time posting on this section of SGL. Managed to get 45mins Luminance in 180 subs along with 6X RGB each in 180.First time using Atik 460 on a galaxy. Cropped to lessen impact of vignetting - no flats which I really must use in future once I can get organised. Any criticisms or advice gratefully accepted.Thanks for looking

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