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  1. Thanks Steve,Michael and oldfruit
  2. Impressive for a first
  3. Having just retired I have had the luxury of staying up to the wee small hours and not worrying about getting up in the morning. Made use of the recent clear nights x2 Here is my first post retirement image - 1 hour each in RGB as well as 150 mins luminance. Struggled a bit with the gradients but quite happy with the result. Would welcome any constructive criticism and here's to many nights to follow Cheers, Mike
  4. At last managed to get some imaging on a clear night with only half moon in sky. Ha 150 mins in 10 min subs and RGB 5 x 180s for star colour. Ha mapped to red channel and used as luminance layer with some sharpening using high pass filter and noise reduction using Noel Carboni's actions. Unfortunately guiding not too good resulting in slightly elongated stars but at least I was able to get something. Hopefully 2021 will be cloud free for everyone Wishing everyone on the forum a Happy New Year when it comes
  5. Thanks for providing us with this superb data to practice our processing skills. Here is my attempt using photoshop -Just some simple stretches along with selective colour and high pass filter using masks. Used Ha as luminance layer.
  6. I really like the deep rich colour which is accentuated by the lack of stars. Great stuff. What did you use to remove the stars if you don't mind me asking ? Kind regards, Mike
  7. Thanks for the kind comment Mars
  8. MikeCM


    Impressive shot. Certainly more detailed than my rendition
  9. Thanks for the comments domstar and sunshine
  10. Managed to get 1 hour each in RGB few nights ago. It actually stayed clear long enough!!! My set up is not to good at obtaining detailed galaxy shots (This image is cropped ), but quite happy with RGB combined. I did not manage to obtain much of the gas above and below the plane of M82. Is this something that will stand out if I get some Hydrogen alpha data? I do intend to try to get some luminance in due course which I am sure will help with the image. Feel feel to criticise - its the only way to improve
  11. Thanks for the reply graham and posting your ha image. My image consists of 90 mins luminance and 40mins in r,g and b
  12. Here is my rendition of M42 - My second attempt at this with but with my CCD. First attempt being with a DSLR. I am happy with my LRGB image but would like to ask if it would be worthwhile gathering Ha data ? Would it add more detail to the dusty background? Thanks for looking Mike
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