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Some Winter galaxies


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Got a first clear night in November, 23rd. on the day 1924, Edwin Hubble published his findings in The New York Times, that some spiral nebulae (including M31 and M33) were outside Milky Way. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edwin_Hubble

Seems to me as a good sign for some galaxy hunting with trusty C8.:smiley:

Wind: 7m/s(forecast 5-6m/s), 10-12m/s gust

Temp: 6°(forecast 7° to 6°)

Humidity: 81-72(forecast 83-72%), dewheater on(not necessary, dry car)

Sky darkness: SQM  20.7-20.8,  transparency very good to average(M33 visible naked in most earlier hours).

NGC 16 (galaxy in Pegasus, mag 12, SB 12.4): AV in 123x, elongated PA160.

NGC 670(galaxy in Triangulum, mag 12.6, SB 13.0), AV in 71x and 123x, quite difficult, PA160

NGC 672(galaxy in Triangulum, mag 10.9, SB 13.9), easy DV in 71x, OvaL, PA110.

IC 1727(galaxy in Triangulum, mag 11.4, SB 14.4), very close to 672, but much more difficult , AV in 71x and 123x, PA60

Galaxy group Arp 331 in Pisces with 8 galaxies in 0.5° TFOV:


NGC 383(mag 12,2, SB 13.3), the brightest one in the group,  DV in 71x, uping to 123x, 379, 380, 384 were seen in DV too, 385 and 382 more difficult, seen in AV only. 386 and 388 not visible for 71x to 246x.

A cup of coffe and some minutes bino scaning, time for another galaxy group AGC 262 in Andromeda:


The brighter ones, NGC 708 (Mag 11.8, SB 13.8) and UGC 1308(mag 11.4, SB 12.),  were easy DV in 71x,  up to 123x, 703, 704, 687, UGC 1344 visible in DV too, while 705 was best seen in AV around 123x -170x.

Orion is quite high now when it's near midnight, have to take a looking on M42 and M43 with filters, the trapezium region of M42 is so much brighter than the rest large area, UHC show M42's extension best, while H-beta enhanced M43 so much better. H-beta and OIII gave so quite different view of M42's outer parts, fascinating.

17 new galaxies, that's the average of 11 and 23, not bad for the month long bad weather.


Thanks for reading.


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