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NGC 7380, Wizard with DSLR and 72 ED-R


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Last night was very frustrating. Perfect forecasts from BBC and Clear Outside so I prepared but after just over an hour, clouds started interfering and they persisted all night till I gave up at 2.00am.

Nevertheless, did get 8 x 10 min subs, iso 400, UHC filter, DSS and PS. Two subs were taken before Astro Dark and clouds affected the last couple, so I suppose the result is not too bad considering.

No more forecast clear nights for a few nights now and when they they do arrive, Moon will be interfering with play. :blob8:

Wizard cb.png


Edited by StargeezerTim
colour balance!
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2 hours ago, PatrickGilliland said:

The first version that is not pushed so much looks far better.  Some more data will really improve the good start you have.  Try to sort out the red distribution though as it is affecting background and stars a little even on the first version.


You are right, guilty of processing without due care and attention! another 3 points on the licence...

Started again and did a more pleasing crop, i think :undecided:

I love focusing in on the tiny stars in the whitish part of the nebula. tiny pinpricks, each of which is a star with possible planets and life... :hiding:

Wizard crop rehash.png

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