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IC1805 - Heart Nebula in Ha


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That's very good indeed, great result! I'm particularly impressed with the detail and flatness of field given that it's shot at f2.8 with a 12nm filter. That lovely scope looks to be well worth the price tag and yet again I'm loving the output of the ASI1600MM - it seems CMOS sensors have definitely come of age :icon_biggrin:

I'm seriously tempted to get one of these cameras after seeing this and the results @Gina gets from hers,   I find the chip size and small pixels a very attractive proposition for widefield imaging.

Excellent work, you must be very pleased! Like Gina I would love to see a mosaic - go for a nice big widefield taking in the Soul as well :glasses9:

All the best



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Thank you!:happy7:

Im planning to do mosaic, atleast for the heart nebula only. I dont know can I do one that has soul in it aswell because there is very few moonless and clear nights in Finland.
For widefield this camera is great, Im also impressed how good the detail is. Here is 100% crop from the center of the image, no sharpening or noise reduction.

Im using unitygain settings on SGP.



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