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Sh2-126 now as a two panel mosaic.


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(I'm simply cribbing the catalogue number from an excellent Thomas Henne APOD submission, by the way.)

OK, so with 24 hours of HaLRGB, here's the two panel. Having got the feel of the data in the first go (top frame of this) I took a different approach this time. The star control is tight which means this is intended to be presented in fairly small format rather than be zoomed in on. Keeping the stars down is vital in small formats, I think. The full version on my gallery site is half size. The Ha signal is plentiful but I applied it sparingly to try and keep that eerie look it has and I applied it to red and, sparingly, blue in order to keep the colour very close the nebulosity showing in the RGB. This was distinctly magenta and similar to what you see here.


Gallery site version https://photos.smugmug.com/Other/Best-of-Les-Granges/i-TxbbHBS/0/X3/Sh2-126 HaLRGB 24 Hrs-X3.jpg


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Lovely image.  The gently curving red lines seem unusual to me; I am more used to seeing nebula which have clouds that are at least to some extent chaotic, whereas the main nebula in this image looks to me like a character from an asian language laid down beautifully in red paint using a calligraphy brush.

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Yes, this is a very unusual Ha target indeed. The aurora similarity struck me as well. It doesn't seem to be showing the same kind of interaction with stars and clusters as most Ha objects do. I wonder if, for some reason, it hasn't been subjected to the kinds of disturbance which trigger star formation. Or maybe if it has a high internal gas pressure it will resist the Jeans Instability if disturbed. It's incredibly smooth, as Mike says.


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