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Walking on the Moon

Persieds Meteor test 12th August

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Got a few to go through I will upload some when I have processed them cheers guys what are these flashes they appear from nowhere then quickly disappear again. when I slow the vid down some flashes also appear at the bottom, are they cosmic rays hitting the sensor ? trying to upload a slower version is it my eyes or does it shoot down and curve around lol ? if you keep your eye on the bottom right of the screen it looks like the flashing moves down, Got to be a illusion

16-08-12-00-34-1316-08-12-00-34-13_ulrg flashes avi.avi


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3 hours ago, neil phillips said:

Cheers Peco for some reason the gifs are not working as they did before, trying to figure it out, this should work though

Working now, looks great. I just saw about 5 at 0130 ish but it was a bit cloudy. Maybe some left over for tonight. 

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6 hours ago, laudropb said:

Very nice captured. Rained out here alas.

Sorry to hear that laudropb. it showed cloud all over Essex here too, especially after midnight, but I had some fairly long spells without. Not often it swings my way to be honest with a weather map like that.

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