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Neq6 stiffness


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I've recently bought a new Neq6 and I'm noticing some stiffness in the mount head.

Last night whilst trying out my polemaster for the first time I was going through the steps on screen. When it told me to place the pole on the axis is when I noticed the stiffness problem.

I had my star 71 with atik 383l and SX filter wheel loaded and a single 5kg weight as high as it could go as this was the only way I could get it close to balanced. When using the adjustment screw to lower my mount head I noticed it got very loose very quickly. This was because the mount head was stuck in the same position and only lowered when I used my hand to push doen on the counter weight bar.

I've thought about spraying some wd40 or something similar in the hole but don't want to break my new toy before I get to use it properly. 

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to loosen my mount head? Or will it just loosen over time?

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Yes the latitude angle adjustment will be quite stiff.  If you back off both adjustment bolts you can move the mount up and down a few times which will help you to get a "feel" of it.  Don't forget that when adjusting you must back off one bolt before advancing the other one.

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Don't use WD40 as a lubricant - its a 'water displacer' and other spray oils are far better at lubing things. A teflon spray would be a better choice.

The main problem with WD40 is that it will wash any grease out and then as it evaporates it leaves very little behind so the net result is less lubrication.

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I don't have the NEQ6, but if its Alt construction is the same as my EQ3, then it's the bolt that holds the bottom (forked) part and the head together that's the problem.

On the EQ3 at least, the bottom part of the mount has threaded holes for this bolt, and nuts which are hidden behind the black plastic covers. When you turn the Alt up, the bolt will fasten in the fork and tighten the connection between the bottom and top part of the mount. For me at almost 60 degrees, the situation became an impossible one. I resolved this by removing the plastic covers and loosening the bolt just slightly.


Hope this helps

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On 08/08/2016 at 20:58, Peter Drew said:

If you can manage to rock it by hand then that's loose enough, it's the ones that are too tight to move by hand that bend the adjustment screws.  :icon_biggrin:

This happened to mine and FLO swapped it for me.  Excellent service from them, as usual.

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